Sgt Samuel Moses Hurwitz DCM MM - Canadian Grenadier Guards - (22nd Canadian Armoured Regiment)

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    I was browsing the Canadian deceased personnel online service files the other day and came across Sgt Hurwitz file.

    Item - Library and Archives Canada

    He died of wounds while a recently captured prisoner of war (24th Oct 1944) in a German hospital at Dordrecht, Holland 26th October 1944.

    There is an excellent 8 page contemporary account by a Major Phelan MC - with a photograph - of Sgt Hurwitz exploits in NW Europe from pages 76 to 80 in his online file. It seems he and his crew often fought with small arms weapons dismounted from their tank - in support of Canadian infantry.

    I don’t have the technical ability to detach those pages from the 319 page whole file but if any member has that ability - and the inclination - to attach it to this thread all members will find it most informative and a fitting tribute to a brave Canadian Soldier. Now attached - see Post #3 below.

    Steve Y


    I noticed from his service file that he was attached to Grenadier Guards Holding Battalion (Imperial Army) at Victoria Barracks, Windsor for 3 weeks Nov/Dec 1942. The 5 Foot 7 inch Sgt Hurwitz would have stood out well amongst the 6 Foot Guardsman!
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  3. Here you go! Pages 76 to 80 attached.


    Attached Files:

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    Merci Michel,

    Forum Pal Dave (Alieneyes) over in Canada just sent me the pages via PM as jpeg images. I was about to upload myself when I saw your post.

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    40D7409D-3A26-4F2E-AE5B-4827D2ACCA0B.jpeg 5D301054-CA58-499E-83B1-204497EC700D.jpeg 67D5FC61-6D26-4352-BA14-14D4D9DD465B.jpeg Dave (Alieneyes) has been good enough to PM me Sgt Hurwitz MM & DCM citation’s - apologies for the 2 page DCM citation being out of order.

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