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    Ladies & Gentlemen

    During some searching I came across a TNA reference to this man as below:

    Reference: WO 208/3326/2930
    Sergeant J G Ward (service number 542939).
    Service: RAF.
    Escaped from police station at Gostyn, Poland; subsequently evaded capture and reached Russian lines in Poland. Evacuated to UK via Odessa, Malta and Corsica.
    Possible information on this individual (including appendices) may be present in WO 208/5582-5583.
    Date: 1940-1945

    Upon checking WO 392 and Ancestry I cannot find him. I have a suspicion that his service number maybe incorrect (maybe not).

    Can anyone shed any light on this - thanks


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    Sqd 226, report number 2930, wo208, TNA piece no. 5583 and 3326 on findmypast. Any help?
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    Footprints on the Sands of Time has him as
    LAC J G Ward, 226 Sqdn Fairey Battle K9183. Captured 10 May 1940 when shot down whilst flying at 5 feet attacking Diekirch bridges.
    Camp shown as Luft 1, but no PoW number shown.
    Escaped 17 April 1941. To UK via Odessa 21 March 1945

    Begs the question as to what he did between April 1941 and March 1945!

    and see

    This site
    implies he was a warded a Military Cross.... I thought that was for Army officers?
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    Service number is correct as per AIR78. Man's name was John George Ward.

    69 RAF personnel were awarded the Military Cross in WWII. This might explain why Ward earned his:


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    And the contents of WO 208/3326/2930. From the same newsletter as above:

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    Many many thanks to all for the information - I think that answers my question

    Give yourselves a massive pat on the back, and award yourself a cup of tea :)

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    You certainly know your stuff Dave.............
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    Just as an update - as he does not appear in the 'official lists' of POW's (ie WO 392) series I will include him in my list of ex POW's repatriated via Odessa that I am creating.

    I am still on the trail of trying to track down the lists for Odessa, no luck yet.

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    I know this is an old thread, but does anyone know where he is buried ?
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    Noting the caveat that this might be interment date, a potential location may be:

    John George Ward (1919-1995) - Find a Grave...
    namely Plot GG 83 in Windlesham, Surrey Heath Borough, Surrey, England
    No memorial photo

    His was a remarkable story.
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