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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by DanMorris1989, May 25, 2015.

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    seems like there is alot of messing about for 2022 there still messing about with checks ?. why is this ?
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    Request records of deceased service personnel

    British Army records
    Due to the volume of requests received there is currently a significant backlog of at least 12 months for army records.

    RAF and RN now online application with credit/debit card payment

    Army still on the old cheque system - they only try to cash cheque when they action search but by that time with the backlog cheques are out of date - short term problem only until backlog cleared.

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    Reading through the latest updates has me worried. I moved to the states years ago. Literally only one bank around here does foreign money checks, and they liaise with a larger national bank to do that (which does not have a local branch). It took weeks of farting around to establish this, an awkward hours-long meeting to get them to put the order in for checks. And I haven't used them since due to their other policies, but they would give me crap any time I spoke with them about anything because I only used them for the one service (which they allow). I don't think it will be a fun second meeting to go and get them to request renewed checks (and all the associated fees that go with that). That is assuming I have to, or I get the paperwork requesting an updated check. I may be moving, I have no idea if the banks in the new area will even work with me on the issue.
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    Just an update, sent off for my 2x on 27th July 2020 and arrived this morning, just shy of 800 days.

    Which would suggest that they are working through their backlog.

    I've had one that took a month at the end of the year, so you may get a quicker turnaround at the minute, for anyone still looking to send them off.

    Both make for sad reading, join up, do training, shipped out withing 6 months, one KIA within a month the other captured within 10 days, dead within 18 months imprisonment.
  6. That's good news you've finally received them, though sad for you to read the content....

    As a matter of interest were you contacted to send a replacement cheque, and if so how long ago? I sent off a replacement cheque as requested by them six weeks ago on 16th February. It was signed for but the cheque still hasn't been cashed and I've not heard further. My original application was end of July 2020 - fairly close to yours - so I remain hopeful!
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    I didn't hear anything until today.

    I was sent the records with my cheques returned and a request with an SAE for a new cheque.
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  8. I wonder why they didn't just do that with mine?

    This whole process has been very bizarre and their admin system seems archaic. I keep visualising a couple of clerks who've worked there for decades beavering away a dusty cellar, climbing a wooden ladder to bring down file boxes, whilst recording everything in pencil on alphabet tab index cards:D
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    After 18-months, I finally received a response! It stated that in that time, the records I was after have been transferred to the national archives and to reach out to them. So, process to start all over again it would seem. Hopefully, the NA are a lot faster.
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    Do you know what the process is? Have they given you a contact? If you find out could you let me know?
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    The letter I received included the following email:

    The instructions provided stated to quote the index number when I email them, which was followed by "input barcode here" on the letter. So, not sure if that was supposed to be where the index number was to be and they forgot to add it in. I emailed the above a little while ago and quoted the application/MOD reference number (in lieu?). I hope they will be able to email back sometime this week. It has been a while since I have interacted with the national archives, but I recall them being pretty on the ball with email responses. Other than that, no ideas at the moment.

    Edit: I just read through the sticky thread, on this forum, about the transfer of documents. I have a bad feeling like I may have waited a few years to long to move ahead with requesting these documents.
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    Good to hear you have an email contact. Like you my experience of the National Archives is that they are on the ball. Keep us posted on how you get on. It'll. be interesting to know how it works. Hopefully it is quicker than the current process. I think this is going to become the norm. Good luck.
  13. At last, my father's records have finally arrived after 20 months + 2 weeks!

    What I received was:

    1.) Army Form B103-1, Service & Casualty form, (4x A4 photocopied pages)

    2.) Army Form B119A, no title, (4 x A3 overlapping pages photocopied from a large ledger)

    3.) Army Form B200d, Territorial Army Record of Service, ( 4x A3 pages, again copied from a large ledger)

    4.) Single A4 typed sheet from MOD, dated 2/3/53, titled 'Statement of service'

    5.) List of useful abbreviations (8 x A4 double sided sheets of military acronyms)

    It's sketchy in parts and there is information missing I would have liked, but nonetheless some clues I can research further and build on. Sometime this week when I've had time to digest and scan it all I'll upload as much info as I can to the thread I started in 2020:

    Father in Camerons & Parachute Regiment, N Africa, Italy, Arnhem,Palestine
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    Glad you have got the result you wanted. Mine too had an outdated cheque returned, but just asked me to submit a fresh one by return of post.
    Although they included a list of abbreviations, here are some other sources you may find of use:
    ww2-abbreviations-acronyms, abbreviations-and-acronyms-of-ww2-and-service-records.37304 (this is a long list), and one from WW2 talk courteous of and many thanks to Philip of Lee member, index.php (just go to your 'Search' box and type in the link in the search box, and in the member box 'Philip of Lee', and hit the lower search button, it'll take you to the page).

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