selling inherited ?Nazi knife.

Discussion in 'WW2 Militaria' started by TriciaF, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. TriciaF

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    On another forum someone asked the question, is it right to sell a knife on ebay, , inherited from a UK relative who served in the war, which used to belong to a Nazi, for profit?
    Do you think this is a moral issue?
    Complicated by the fact that currently we have a big problem with knife culture among young people.
    I haven't made up my mind, but still have my own very sharp kitchen knife.
  2. idler

    idler GeneralList

    Selling any knife might be prohibited on Ebay, even before somebody imposes their morals on it.

    Perhaps the question should be: where can you sell a collectable knife? At the very least: where can it be properly valued?

    Make some notes on its provenance as fake German stuff is a big problem
  3. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    My Dad had no problem selling to GIs the knives and Lugers etc he'd captured; naturally the transactions involved a profit. The Yanks had no problem buying them either.

    Moral Issue?
    So long as it's within the law of any given land now, I see no moral complications. They are merely objects, they don't automatically imbue an owner with dodgy political allegiances either. No-one with personal objections is obliged to purchase them.

    Knife culture?
    Surely the current knife culture you speak of has little to do with the stuff that's in essence more interesting to a collector? There are easier/cheaper ways to get a (sharper) knife.

    I wonder what happened to Lemmy's collection...
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  4. TriciaF

    TriciaF Junior Member

    :omg: - I would like to post that photo on the other forum, but it might give some elderly ladies a heart attack.
    Is Lemmy in France?
    Also are there any rules about copying and pasting from here onto other forums, emails etc?
  5. Tullybrone

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    Lemmy in France? He passed away in USA and was buried there.

    Lemmy - Wikipedia

    It’s a public forum so you can post material, links etc but I don’t think any images are usually visible to non members.

  6. Robert-w

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    Although be careful you don't post copyright material as the forum owners could become liable.
  7. idler

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    Having pondered a bit more, it might be best to hand it over to a reputable and reasonably specialised auctioneer. There will be fees but they should reach the right audience and value.
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  8. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    I suppose a photo might help

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  9. TriciaF

    TriciaF Junior Member

    I thought Lemmy might have been french because it says on the photo "15 ans" which means 15 years in french.
    ps no photo was given - it wasn't me!
    My Dad brought back some spoils of war but no knives. as far as I know.

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