Searching for relatives of Sgt G. W. (Tiny) Baldwin 8th Rifle Brigade

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    I'm trying to contact Pam Richardson and/or Ken Baldwin after reading their stories on

    I assume they are brother and sister and both related to Sgt. G.W. Baldwin who is mentioned in the book "The-Story-of-the-Twenty-Third-Hussars-1940-1946", page 154.

    Our research and inquiry concerns this incident of retrieving the wounded "A" squadron 23rd Hussars from those two Sherman tanks on the 21st of september 1944 at Gerwen (near Nuenen a.k.a. Nunen) in Holland bij Sgt. Baldwin "G" company.
    We are mostly interested in the name of the soldier(s) that where left behind in the Sherman that day!

    Any info about this incident, beside the requested contact info, is very welcome.

    Kind regards,
    From the Netherlands

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    In addition I like to add that we're trying to add the name of the 23rd Hussars soldier to our monument in Nuenen.

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