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  1. G.R.S.

    G.R.S. Member

    I don't know if it's possible to do this research, but I've been working for many years to get US dog tags and Italian dog tags back home for free, as well as a couple of British bracelets.
    This tag was found, possibly of a gas mask, the only thing I discovered was that E. Muzzard, service number 1866000 was born on 27 December 1903, possibly in Kent.
    Is there any help or any suggestions on how and where to find this information?
    Thank you all


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  2. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    Had a look on Ancestry the only thing I found was a medal roll for Palestine 1936-1939.
    He was attached to the 42nd Field Company RE.
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  3. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Mist over Dartmoor

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  4. G.R.S.

    G.R.S. Member

    the dog tag was found in Italy in the province of Caserta with a metal detector.
    The boy who found this tag a few years ago had also found a USA dog tag, which was also sent home for free
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  5. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Mist over Dartmoor

    In the bottom thread on #3 Minden 1759 reveals that 42 Field Company were in the 56th Division

    "42 Fd Coy RE was an integral part of 56 Infantry Division from Jul 43 to 4 Jan 44. As an integrated Fd Coy, they went wherever the Division went and was allocated to support one of Division's Infantry Brigades".

    You might find clues in here:
    56th (London) Infantry Division - Wikipedia

    calvi vecchia - Google Search

    At this time 56 Div came under the American 5th Army.

    You then need to find the two individuals whose ID you have.

    You need further advice from other members of the forum for this.
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  6. travers1940

    travers1940 Well-Known Member

    I have contacted via the private message system on the ancestry genealogy website one of the members there who has an Edwin Muzzard born 27 Dec 1912 (birth registered first quarter 1903) at Faversham, Kent on their online tree.

    I messaged this tree holder as they have posted an original 1931 copy of Edwin's birth cert. This Edwin had two children & grandchildren.

    Will let you know if I have any reply, but by private message as it may involve living descendents.

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  7. G.R.S.

    G.R.S. Member

    I too have now found a tree on the Geneanet genealogy site with Edvin Muzzard, born on 27 December 1902 and died in 1979. There is a wife, who died in 1985, but does not report any children.
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  8. travers1940

    travers1940 Well-Known Member

    Hi G.R.S.

    Thats for sure the same person as on the tree I found. The treeholder I messaged has been on the site very recently so am hopeful of a quick reply. Edwin also features in several other trees on the site.

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  9. travers1940

    travers1940 Well-Known Member

    Hi GRS

    Have now heard back from the online treeholder who is a great-grandchild of Edwin Muzzard & interested in this thread & contact with you.
    I will send a PM to you.

  10. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Mist over Dartmoor

    I respect your confidentiality Traverse 1940.
    Good to know that the relatives are interested, not all are and some object quite strongly..
    Each to their own.
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  11. Sarah Court

    Sarah Court New Member

    Hello there, my name is Sarah. I am the great granddaughter of Edwin Muzzard. This is such an amazing find. Please feel free to contact me regarding this
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  12. gmyles

    gmyles Senior Member


    Found in an unnamed RE OOB I found online many years ago.

    42nd Field Coy RE Regular; 3 Sep 1939: The Delta, Egypt. Mobilized 3 Sep 1939 in Egypt. Moved to Mersa Matruh Mar 1940 and formed part of garrison there.

    Arrived in Crete 6 Nov 1940 (with 14th Infantry Brigade); came under HQ Creforce 31 Jan 1941. Bulk lost in fighting in Crete 1 Jun 1941.

    Later reformed, and at Aleppo, Syria by Mar 1942 when relieved. With Eighth Army in Jun 1943. Assigned 56th (London) Infantry Division 9 Jul 1943; relieved 3 Jan 1944.

    Served in Italy 1943-45 (with 23rd Armoured Brigade Group; X Corps in early 1944; later LofC and Army Troops; V Corps and 2nd Commando Brigade from ca. Apr 1945).

    Disbanded Sep 1945+.

    However Palestine medal says


    So he may have not stayed with this unit throughout. His service record is the only thing that will confirm this.

    Hope this helps

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  13. G.R.S.

    G.R.S. Member

    Uncle Targhet, this is the third object that I have had returned to England, the other two were bracelets, and then with my Association I have had over 180 dog tags returned to Italy and the USA, there are very few families who have not wanted to get these back objects!
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  14. G.R.S.

    G.R.S. Member

    Hi Sarah, it's nice to meet you.
    I'll send you a private message later from the forum to get some information.
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  15. Sarah Court

    Sarah Court New Member

    I look forward to hearing from you
  16. G.R.S.

    G.R.S. Member

    Check, I sent you a message
  17. G.R.S.

    G.R.S. Member

    In the meantime, thank you all!!!!
    I asked Sarah just for some information and explained how my Association works.
    To be fair, I'll also explain it to everyone, now I will organize the shipping of this item to Sarah, everything will be free for Sarah, the shipping will also be paid by our Association.
    We are only interested in some photos of the soldier, if they exist, and some photos of the family member with the returned object.
    I found this old article about a bracelet we had returned:
    I'll update you as there is any news.
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  18. Sarah Court

    Sarah Court New Member

    Not the greatest of photos but this is Edwin with his fellow soldiers in 1929. He was in service for 26years. I can’t thank Maurizio and his association enough. You do a wonderful thing for families

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  19. travers1940

    travers1940 Well-Known Member

    Hi Sarah

    Thanks for posting the photo, it's really good to put a face to the name.

  20. Sarah Court

    Sarah Court New Member

    This is a better one but I’m not sure on the date or location

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