"Scruffy" 46 RTR

Discussion in 'RAC & RTR' started by Susan Smethurst, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. Susan Smethurst

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    As those who read thread above will know my uncle AB Smethurst MC is still with us aged 95 (on 22nd August). Not in touch with veterans. Not been in great health but most definitely in great spirits. Spoke to him and he said that his crew 46 RTR were scruffy by comparison to my father and 1 RTR. Delighted that forum members found his MC citation for me. Seemed genuinely amazed anyone could be interested in his war time service.
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    Susan -
    I would have to go along with your Uncle AB as we did bump into some of them exiting the Anzio beachead - they were a scruffy lot - all covered in dust and everything the last time their Tanks were cleaned was the last rain storm - while we were the beneficiaries of the Canadian luxury mobile shower and underwear replacement unit - for personal use only - not our Churchill Tanks- as we had been subject to a minor landslip during an almighty rain storm below Presenzaro and thereby all our equipment had been thoroughly cleaned before setting off into the Liri Valley... we did stand out a bit !

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