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    From The Times, Saturday, Mar 31, 1945:

    British Tanks carrying American troops are shown passing through Dorsten. This was captured by the Scots Guards and troops of the 17th American Airborne Division.

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    From The Times, Tuesday, Nov 20, 1945:

    ON GUARD.- Scots Guards on guard duty at the entrance to the Palace of Justice, Nurnberg. Troops of the United Nations are taking the guard duties in turn.
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    Hi D

    Asked Forum Member Carl for some RA on the Khartoum Memorial in the Sudan and there were 2 Scots Guards on the same panel.

    Rank: Lance Serjeant
    Regiment/Service: Scots Guards
    Unit Text: 2nd Bn.
    Age: 20
    Date of Death: 21/01/1941
    Service No: 2695905
    Additional information: Son of Albert and Rose Annie Harrison, of Farsley, Yorkshire.
    Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 1.

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    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Hi D

    Asked Forum Member Carl for some RA on the Khartoum Memorial in the Sudan and there were 2 Scots Guards on the same panel.

    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Regiment/Service: Scots Guards
    Unit Text: 2nd Bn.
    Age: 22
    Date of Death: 21/01/1941
    Service No: 2695640
    Additional information: Son of John and Mabel Norman, of Seaforth, Liverpool.
    Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 1.

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    Thank you both
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    Westminster field of remembrance - 2010

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    Thanks for that Rob
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    This looks like War Office lists that were published in The Times under Army Casualties, often months after the date of regimental report.

    They must have been circulated amongst the units listed for updates.

    Pte F.R. Vernals Worcestershire Regiment is listed as Died as POW
    His CWGC entry shows that he died btwn 26/07/1942 and 08/10/1942
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    Guardsman T, Dorsie, Scots Guards is listed as previously reported POW now Died as POW 05/11/1942
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    L/Cpl F. Edmondson listed under same category died 03/11/1942
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
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    From The Scots Guards 1919-1955, Erskine, page 66:

    At the end of May they were called upon to provide embarkation officers on the beaches of Dunkirk, and the Commanding Officer, Captain R.D.M. GUROWSKI, and Second Lieutenants R.G. ROWE and R.H. BULL went out by motor-launch from DOVER. After completing their duties they all returned safely, save for Captain GUROWSKI, who was killed when the ship in which he was a passenger was bombed off DUNKIRK. Well known as a leading Army boxer and bayonet-fighter, his death was a severe blow to the Regiment. [1]
    1. Another Scots Guards officer well-known in his particular sport died of wounds received in that campaign; this was Captain M.D.C. HANBURY-TRACY, a leading exponent of jiu-jitsu.

    Gurowski was also Commander of Y Company in the 5th Battalion (Ski) Scots Guards (actually composed of men from various regiments) which trained at Chamonix. Embarking for France on 29th February 1940 and returning on 11th March 1940, the battalion was disbanded that same month when Finland signed the Moscow Peace Treaty.
    The history of this Battalion is an example of the amateurish provisations [?provisions] to which British Governments are forced to resort at the outbreak of our wars. It was truly a unique battalion, the value of which was never tested in battle in a terrain and climate for which it was intended. ... And it cannot be judge wise to have concentrated in one poorly equipped and untrained unit so many leaders and potential leaders. It was indeed fortunate that these men were not flung away in an altruistic and ill-prepared side-show, but were saved to go forward to many and varied exploits in decisive theatres of war.
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    Just joined in order to post this message which I thought might be of interest and add some human detail to a couple of the 'stark' casualty notices.
    First a little background. I worked with a Scotsman named Eric Stewart here in NZ until he passed away some 8 years ago. He had told me that he had lost his father during the war. After Eric's death, I was tasked with clearing his personal effects and came across an original letter (yellowing paper, typed on an old upright machine) which was obviously a commendation for an award. The letter read as follows;

    No.2700469 L/Cpl J. Foster
    No.2699637 Gdsn. G. Stewart
    14 Platoon, 'X' Company, Scots Guards

    On the 9th September, 1944, 14 Platoon were in a defensive position in the village of HECHTEL. During the morning the Germans made four attacks on the Platoon position and on each occasion were driven back by L/Cpl Foster's Section (6 men). The Germans were attacking in considerable strength, supported by Mortar and Machine Gun fire, but L/Cpl Foster gave no ground.

    This L/Cpl and Stewart (who was with him in the trench) killed two complete M.G.45 teams (6 men) who had crawled within 5 yards of their trench.

    Due to their courage and example, the Section held their ground. Had not this L/Cpl and Stewart fought magnificently against superior numbers, the whole Platoon would have been overrun. Many dead Germans were later found in their Section area. Foster and Stewart were both killed fighting from their trench.

    (Signed) A.D.G. Llewellyn Lieut.,
    14 Platoon, 'X' Company, Scots Guards.

    End Quote

    The two men in question are listed as numbers 345 and 976 in the list of casualties in this thread. Foster was 34 and Stewart 33 years of age.

    I was able to return the original letter to the Scots Guards Association who arranged to have it placed on Gdsn. Stewart's 'P' file.
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    Thank you very much for adding that information to the thread.

    I wonder if that was in fact a citation for Mention in Despatches. These could be awarded posthumously and not many examples survived to be indexed on the National Archives site. Unfortunately the Roll of Honour in SG History does not list the names of those who received Mentions.

    X Company Scots Guards trained alongside 3rd Battalion Irish Guards (my father's bn) and then went with them to Normandy late June 1944. Upon arrival of IG reinforcements, the Company was then transferred to 1st Battalion Welsh Guards and their War Diary which includes the battle at Hechtel can be read here

    I was also sent some photos of the memorials at Hechtel which can be viewed via this link. The tank was moved, but photos are there of the old and new locations.

    The diary in the link below was written by a member of X Company who was unfortunately wounded in Aug 44, but it takes the story roughly up to X Coy's arrival with 1WG.
    BBC - WW2 People's War - The Diary, Normandy 1944
    Coincidentally this veteran was also in the same platoon as the men who you mentioned.
    I was serving in the No.1 section of No.14 Platoon commanded by Lieutenant A.D.G. Llewellyn.

    Hope this is of interest
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    Thank you Diane for the reply and links. I see that both men are mentioned on the memorial and it is sad that Eric was unaware of this.
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    Hi Pete, that is indeed a shame, but it was very decent of you indeed to ensure that the paperwork was preserved in his father's record.
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