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    Please can anybody help with info. on S/Leader Robert Wood. 180 Squadron
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    WOOD, ROBERT. Squadron Leader (Pilot), 40587.
    180 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
    Died 9 August 1944. Aged 26
    Son of Reginald Cecil and Dorothy Julia Wood of Cobham, Gravesend, Kent.
    Buried Nesle-l'Hôpital Churchyard, Somme, France.

    At the time of his death, 180 Squadron was flying the B-25 Mitchell.
    No. 180 Squadron (RAF) during the Second World War

    From Michael J F Bowyer's 2 Group RAF A Complete History 1936 - 1945 p 384
    On 9th [August 9th, 1944] 48 Mitchells and 18 Bostons set off for another ammunition dump, in the Foret de Lyons. It was known that the operations would take them through a heavily gun-defended area and to 98 Squadron at the briefing Dunsford's station commander, Grp. Cpt. Dunlap, made it clear that it was the crews' duty to reach target. Wg. Cdr. Paul led the first three boxes, Wg. Cdr. Lynn the second three. They crossed into France at Beville meeting heavy flax en route. Bombing was very good but on the way back they again encountered heavy flak. Two of 180's aircraft fell west of Senarpont and a third was hit.

    The location of Wood's grave leads to the conclusion he was flying one of the shot down aircraft. Perhaps someone else can flesh out the details of the other crew members and the aircraft details

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    Perhaps someone else can flesh out the details of the other crew members and the aircraft details
    9 August 1944

    No.180 Squadron

    Mitchell II FW175

    Shot down by flak. Foret de Lyons


    S/L. R. Wood + CWGC - Casualty Details
    Sgt. H G. John. Evaded
    Sgt. G H. Flintoft pow
    F/O. E R. Goddard + CWGC - Casualty Details
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    Many thanks for your help.

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    I have just seen this post and I would like to say that I live in Lyons La Forêt, in the middle of the forest. The dump that you speak about was situated just south of the N31 near La Haye. I read with interest the comment about the Mitchell. Does anyone know where this crashed? I have created a FB page to try and capture storise such as this to preserve them for future generations. I would like to gather as much information as possible on the aircraft and crew. The FB page is https://www.facebook.com/Lesherostombealyonslaforet/. If any of the crew perished in the crash then as I am a member of Le Souvenir Français and the Royal British Legion I will then endever to contact elatives to see what can be done in order to honour the crew.

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    The website francecrashes39/45 I believe is owned association that I used to bellong to. I will contact them and see what I can dig up as far as the exact location of the crashes. Is there anyone out there that is in contact with any relatives of the crew?

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