Royal Signals in Burma

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    I am trying to research what vehicles and equipment the Royal Signals would have used during their time in Burma. I appreciate this is a big question and would welcome any comments or suggestions to narrow this down.

    My wife's grandad served in Burma in the Royal Signals and I would like to create a model to commemorate him showing a typical Royal Signals setup. I haven't been able to identify exactly what type of vehicles they would have used in the Jungle if any such as the Bedford QLR. Again, ay help in this area would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to the forum, Mike.

    On UK WW2 wireless matters the museum and activities at Duxford Airfileld would be a good place to start. The society has examples of all sorts of radio sets, not just aviation related, and some very knowledgeable people.See website here:

    For the opposition this WW2 publication has pictures of Japanese wireless sets and reviews of Japanese communications in general:

    Japanese Radio Communications and Radio Intelligence CinCPOA 5-45

    Good hunting !


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