New Resource Royal Marine RM Unit Histories 1919-1997 2021-01-30

Author: RM Museum

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  2. YorkshireSteve

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    Thanks for posting this.
    Do you know which source this was quoting, and which sources the in-text references are to?
  3. idler

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    It's identified as "Reproduced by the kind permission of J D Ladd from The Royal Marines 1919-2000" (which, to be fair, I'd forgotten) so I assume the notes are to be found in there.

    If I can find my Ladd, I'll confirm it, but it might be quicker to order a copy...
  4. idler

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    I've surprised myself! Yes, they are in Ladd. He's got a number of properly referenced appendices in there.
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    Thanks for the posting.

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