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    I'm trying to make sense of my Grandad's service record and the page during WW2 is confusing me little. I've attached it, and at the top I believe it refers to the regiments or battery he is attached to, but the last three lines are confusing me. DRAFT RANLN and 3 CR II. Any ideas?


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    I see you've attached an extract from an Army Form B102 - the central registry Index form.

    It usually contains abbreviated details recorded in more length and depth on other Army forms - notably B103. Have you been provided with B103 form(s) by MOD?

    Context is usually most helpful in interpreting service records but is very difficult to assess from B102 entries.

    However having said that the first entry would appear to be a random code generated to identify all personnel due to embark overseas in a particular draft of personnel. The acronym has no specific meaning.

    I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess at the second queried entry without seeing a fuller entry from which it might be possible to glean the context. I can think of several posssible meaning for the CR acronym.

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    Thanks for your help, I don't think I'd realised that there were two different forms, I will take another look at the B103 forms and come back if there is anything from there that doesn't make sense.

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    I presume that you have this information from his service records, but for others, his service number, from his RA Attestation was 875053.

    The 1939 Register records him with Princess Beatrice IOW Rifle Heavy Regt, RA, 189 Battery, No 875053.
    Princess Beatrice's Isle of Wight Rifles a regimental history
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    Thanks, that's the chap. I've got a list of Coastal regiments and batteries he served in during WW2, (409/541/520) and can't find a lot of information about where they were posted, other than knowing he served at Dover. On the B103 form it generally just says UK rather than anything specific. I think it is my lack of knowledge of where to look! Sorry if I'm sounding very vague.
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    If you have his service records, they will show which regt(s) he was in from tis you can obtain copies of War Diaries for the regt(s) and they will provide daily or weekly details of where they were and what they were doing - they sometimes include cricket scores between battalions etc

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    Thanks, I think that's the only way forward to find details of what he was up to.
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    If you have his records we have members on here who offer the service of copying WD's from TNA at Kew

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