Royal Artillery post mark, R.A. Mess, Abbottabad, N.W.F.P. 1940

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    Does anyone know anything about this post mark used in India in around 1940. The letter was posted from Maymyo, Burma.

    The post mark appears to have been applied upon receipt by the "R.A. Mess" at Abbottabad but does not seem to be an R.A. badge that I can find.

    It does appear to be a Royal Artillery mark, with the motto 'Ubique' and the letters "R.A" drawn with some embellishment. There appears to be a third letter following the "R.A." but it is not clear (to me) what letter it might be? Is it a letter or merely embellishment to balance the design?


    Any help gratefully received.

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    Hello Steve,

    This cypher or monogram (?) is still in use today. A couple of examples:

    47 Regt RA

    47 Regt RA.jpg
    47th Regiment RA (@47RegtRA) | Twitter

    3/29 (Corunna) Bty RA

    3.29 (Corunna) Bty RA.jpg
    3/29(Corunna) Bty RA (@329_BtyRA) | Twitter

    The third letter is just a reversed letter ‘R’. So you are right, just an embellishment.


    Edit: Had an afterthought; the correct title of the Royal Artillery is "The Royal Regiment of Artillery". So the reversed 'R' may stand for Regiment.
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    Thank you, Richard

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