Royal Artillery In Burma 1944-5

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  1. I'm trying to collect as much information as possible about my great-grandfathers time as a Temporary Captain in the Burma Campaign for a documentary project I'm undertaking.

    Can anyone offer any details on the Royal Artilleries operations in the campaign or advise me on how best to acquire the information via archives.

    All I know so far is that he may have been in the 28th Field Regiment under Colonel R. A. H. Soames.

    The film mentioned is about trying to return a Yosegaki Hinomaru flag he took a return it to any living relatives of its former owner. To do this my aim would be to build a detailed time line of his units operations in the war so as to figure out what Japanese units he would of faced.
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    As for the unit itself, have you already used Google? - such sites as the Burma Star Association have some good info for starters

    Burma Star Association - 28th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

    Finding movements of individual personnel is only covered in their personnel files held by the MOD - for unit activities you normally need to know it's parent unit - what Division / Corps etc it was assigned to at any given time. The official histories normally only cover operations at that higher sort of organisational level.

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