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    Hi all,

    I am hoping someone can guide me to where I can browse Glasgow men who signed up and were assigned to the RA. I have had a minor breakthrough on my search for my father-in-law Dominic Michael Stringer and it would appear that there is a name change involved. I have been requested to keep the details private for the time being due to the potential for relatives still being alive.

    Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.
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    There are online subscription sites that have RA attestation ledgers:

    Search Results for Military, armed forces & conflict |

    If you are now looking for a different name you could always enter the details and see what comes up. These lists only give you name and number so you would not know for certain if it is your man, but it may be interesting to see what comes up.

    To assist others you have made a number of previous posts on here for Dominc Stringer and it would appear that the MOD have advised you that he was not in the Army or Navy although you have found evidence he was in the Merchant Navy. To save others repeating previous advice the links are here:

    Tracking wartime exploits
    Driving Test??

    I am not aware of where you can browse records but perhaps it might be worth contacting the RA Museum with whatever information you have;

    Royal Artillery Museum Archive | The National Archives

    Obviously the more 'new' information you can post the better.
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    Hi Tony

    thanks for the info. however , i am going to have to go it alone for the present. It would appear that Dominic may have married twice (illegally?) and there is another family involved who are completely unaware of a potential half brother and his kids. It is a very difficult situation.
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