Robert Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon, KG, MC, PC

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    Sir Anthony Eden-PM.MC.PC.

    born an aristocrat near Durham town
    handsome debonair of great renown
    a commissioned officer in the first world war
    the Military Cross for great valour

    the battlefield he left behind
    to Oxford intellectuals he took his mind
    Arabic and Persian was his choice
    he quietly studied spared his voice

    at 23 years his future looked bright
    already conditioned to fight the good fight
    a passion for politics turned his head
    the Foreign Office he made his bed

    Chamberlian! Chamberain! what is this
    appeasement! when and how is this
    Im going Chamberlain ive had enough
    did you not see Hitlers bluff

    but Chamberlain quickly took the point
    swiftly resigning his nose out of joint
    as Foreign Secretary Sir Anthony was back
    helping Churchill form a coalition pack

    Minister for War this quiet man became
    building the home guard, making his name
    in ‘55 his ambitions matured
    As PM destiny assured

    In ‘56 stormy waters he met
    President Nasser he would not abet
    blocking the Suez and Straits of Tiran
    Israels destruction the master plan

    ill in body but mind alert
    Britains will he would assert
    with French and Israelis upon the attack
    Egyptian armies we swiftly did sack

    Russia and America ask us to leave
    Israel's safety the UN would proceed
    making him open the Straits of Tiran
    unblocking the canal his workmen began

    Sir Anthony later would resign
    For years his health had been in decline
    In '77 this great Englishman would die
    St Mary's in Wiltshire his body does lie

    I considered it a great honour to drop with

    3 Parachute group,The French foreign Legion, [paratroops] The Israeli [paratroops] that took the Mitla pass.

    Great Britain! Vive le France! Shalom Israel © 2002

    Sir Anthony, you were right..
    JB a coy 3 para group.

    Arial Sharon was a commander in the Israeli attack
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    Archive on 4 - Sir Anthony Eden - BBC Sounds
    BBC Audio - 60 mins.

    BBC Sounds - "Available for over a year"
    Former Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd uses the BBC Archives to explore the life of his predecessor Anthony Eden. Eden's reputation is forever associated with the 1956 Suez crisis, but Hurd begins his journey much earlier with rare recordings of his radio talks and speeches from the 1930s before becoming Foreign Secretary at the age of 38. He goes on to explore Eden's role in the front line of Churchill's government and his central role in settling the Indo-Chinese War in 1954.
    Producer: Phil Tinline
    First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in May 2008.
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