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    Am trying to find out as much as possible about RICHARD THOMAS COLLINS, a signalman in the Royal Corps of Signals.

    I have very little apart from cwg info namely

    Date of Death 15th November 1940


    Buried in Hambridge, Somerset.

    Service Number 2361902

    (His date of birth was 16th December 1915 and he hailed originally from the Epsom area in Surrey)

    I'd be very grateful for help in finding out where he was when he died, what actions he was involved in and how I might get hold of a photo.


  2. Oldman

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    Hugh Proctor
    First you need to try and get hold of his army records from Glasgow, that will tell you all you need to know about his service.
    You say he lived round Epsom but yet he is buried in Hambridge try both local newspapers to see if they published any details when it happened and of his burial.
  3. Oldman

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    Forgot to put website in ServiceRecords Army
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    If he is listed as Died rather than Killed I would seek his Death Certificate.
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    I know it was some time ago that you posted but I have just seen this. Richard Thomas Collins mother was my grandmother and I wondered if you knew Richard?
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    Hello Mapperton
    Hugh hasnt been on the forum since June 2011

    try sending him a private message via the forum


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