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    Well this kind of made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! This will come on topic, bear with me. I'm not asking for more information; just thought I would share this.

    I am a big fan of the band Crowded House and its lead singer Neil Finn. Neil has lately been doing some online "radio" sessions where he plays music via a site called Mixlr.

    Today he was playing music that his father liked (his father recently passed away, at 97), and then Neil said:

    "His name, of course, Richard. Richard George Finn. Born in 1922, served in the Second World War, fought at Cassino. His days as a soldier are largely unknowable but he did leave a diary for us which is quite an amazing document. He was a good writer, and we've shared it around the family, so we do feel like we had some insight into his years. Some of you may have fathers, grandfathers that served in the war as well, so, it's part of all of our history and a thing we would do well to try to understand as best we can. Particularly now where some of those really essential lessons and aspects about morality are so important."

    According to Richard George Finn (entry on Auckland Museum website) he was a gunner.

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