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    If anyone is planning to visit this cemetery please be aware of possible restrictions however Plot access has never been denied to a next of kin or WWII veteran to see one of his fallen comrades.

    We are in the final preparation for both our Memorial Day ceremonies and the 75th anniversary event on 6 June.
    As the major set up for the 75th begins on the 27th I can not at this moment tell you where or when the heavy machinery will be at the time of your visit. We will most definitely have to safeguard the public.

    We have limited access to our plots for several technical reasons.
    Plots A,C,E were closed last September to complete the second phase of a 5 phase drainage project that included new drainage furrows that were then over seeded to mask the furrows.
    The furrows would never have had grass able to grow in them had we allowed unrestricted access by the 1.4 million visitors in the last 12 months.
    Plots A through F were closed in march for a scarification, aerating and over seeding operation.
    That was followed by the closing of plots G through J in early April for the same procedures.

    Though we would like to allow unlimited access to all our visitors, our number one priority is to maintain this site to the very highest standards possible as that is the promise we made to families who chose to leave their loved ones in our care over 70 years ago.
    We were far from those standards and therefore had to launch our drainage project knowing it would be an inconvenience to our visitors.
    ***I am afraid it will not get better for at least two more years as phase 3 is the replacing the two decade old and blocked drainage systems between the rows.***

    For your information,
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