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  1. I would be grateful for pointers as to where to start in researching the Citation ofan Award of the Order Of Lenin {1944} & its accompanying Order of The Red Banner & Red Star,
    also an Order of Glory 2nd Class in another group I have,any advice please??

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    British or Russian personnel? British would be easier, especially as the recipient had to get dispensation to accept them. I remember seeing the Order of Lenin being LGed for a couple of airmen. If British, then NA. But if Russian then I haven't the foggiest.

    The commonest medal in your group is the Order of the Red Star of which over 3 million were awarded.
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    Among people who received Order of Lenin were Kim Philby (the spy), Fidel Castro (the dictator), Vasiliy Zaitsev (the sniper), Mikhail Khalashnikov (the constructor of AK 47), G. Zhukov and K. Rokossowski (the marshalls). What a Company!!! ;)
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    This research shouldn't be easy. During the war the O.L. was awarded 41,000 times, not necessarily for feats of arms, as that was not the nature of this Order.

    There is more at Welcome to SovietHonors
  5. Thank You for your help...
    The awards are to a Soviet Serviceman,@ present apart from the issue "Book" that accompanied the group I have nothing,{a quick translation of cyrillic name & data would be helpful!!}see JPGs below

    OL #288886
    Red Star # 915379
    Red Banner # 357657
  6. Reverse Of Awards & Document Details Of OL Group

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    Bernard, better photos would help, but if all this is authentic then you may be holding on to serious money here. It appears the issue date is 1944 (the book seems to no to show that age, but that's the written date), and the holders name seems to be Vassilii Tulikov but I may be wrong. I can't see the shoulder boards so I have no idea what rank this man is.

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