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    Hi all, I have recently received my grandads service records and discovered some new information to work with.
    He was with the 26th armoured brigade workshop, and was admitted to 18 casualty clearing station on January 8th 1943. Is anyone able to tell me where this could’ve been?
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    Quoting this from Wikipedia: Ref 26th Armoured Brigade

    "It served with British 6th Armoured Division during the North African Campaign and then through the Italian Campaign. During this time it was briefly attached to the British 4th Infantry Division and the British 78th Infantry Division."

    I'm guessing that the date you mention could probably align us with the North African campaign rather than the Italian one, but I am sure there are others here who would be much more able to be more precise than me!
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    They have a diary at Kew. Wo177/652. There is a good chance that may tell you where they were but unfortunately, sometimes all you get for the location is 'in the field'.
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    Thanks RRTB,
    You’re right with the campaign, hopefully I can narrow it even further with the diaries!
  5. Hoody321

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    I’ll keep my fingers crossed they go into detail! Thanks for the reply.
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    Maybe helpful although the dates are out .......... there's this story on the BBC People's War site that mentions the 18th Casualty Clearing Station. The diary entry is for sometime after Oct '43, not Jan '43. Depends if the CCS were mobile sites that moved locations or not (apols, I don't know). Puts the location at that time somewhere north of Afragola, Naples in Italy. If the CCS were mobile and therefore this doesn't help with the location in Jan '43, it at least gives a bit of insight into 18 CCS itself.

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