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    With my WW1 hat on, have looked at some basic sources on ancestry & the Long Long TraiI website to see what part of the RFA Matthew HOOD no 14671 was in & how he could have been injured.

    I have PM'd the results to you Hoody as this is taking things away from WW2.

    But it is probable that he was in 92nd Brigade RFA, part of 20th Light Division of the New Army, formed in Sept 1914. They went to France July 1915. His service number is only one different from a soldier who also went to France with the brigade on 22 July 1915 & this man joined up in Sept 1914.

    All of this gave no clue as to the post WW1 service of Matthew HOOD.
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    But it is why we have a Prewar section that covers threads such as this that could have a connection between the 2 wars, we also have a Post War section for exactly the same reasons. Many members have a foot in both forums.
    So dont be shy as we would be interested to see your results, many of is have spent time trying to get to the bottom of this conundrum and all the little bits of info that members find might help someone answer the OP's question(s)

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    This was the full pm to Hoody.

    I found nothing more about the actual service of Mathew HOOD 14671 RFA (hope you will get the WW1 record attached to the WW2 file), but it is possible that in 1915 he served with 92nd Brigade RFA but he is shown on the 1914/15 Star Medal Roll in a block of five RFA soldiers who all have the same date of arrival in France of 22 July 1915 & various service numbers from 17666-14671.

    Among these are:

    Leonard Maurice ROLPH 14670 RFA joined Sept 1914 at Chelmsford, Essex. born Dunmow, Essex, apprentice baker to his father. First went to France 22 July 1915 as part of C Battery 92nd Brigade RFA. This was part of 20th (Light) Division New Army formed September 1914 , the Division arriving in France July 1915. Discharged 1919.

    William BISHOP 14666 RFA born Hereford, killed in action 31 July 1917. Unit shown as B Battery, 92nd Brigade RFA. He was one of eight men from that battery who died that day & are buried together at Canada Farm Cemetery, Belguim.

    It may be worth looking at the war diary for the brigade on 31st July 1917, which was the first day of the Battle of Paschaendele (Third Battle of Ypres).

    Service numbers are duplicated in the RFA, ie no 14670 is shown for three different men in the BWM & VM roll & there is another man with 14671.

    CWGC entry for William Bishop

    British army WW1 Service record on ancestry for Leonard Rolph

    20th (Light) Division at the Long Long Trail website
    20th (Light) Division – The Long, Long Trail

    90th-93rd Brigade RFA at Long Long Trail website
    XC, XCI, XCII (Howitzer) and XCIII Brigades (20th Divisional Artillery) – The Long, Long Trail

    Having researched 48 men on a WW1 memorial a while back, I used to find the medal Rolls, rather than just the medal index card useful for searching for a man with an adjacent number who may have a surviving service record.
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    Again thanks for all the help, will keep you all updated when they arrive!
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    Cheers for that Tony, I’ll give that a try.
    That’s my great gran and great uncle too, only discovered it the other month!

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