Remembrance Sunday 2019.

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  1. bamboo43

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    Eight Chindit veterans will march again this year at the Cenotaph. The boys will have had a busy few days, having also attended the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey and taken their places for the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday. Something rather special has been planned for them early on Sunday morning, but this cannot be disclosed just yet.
  2. Owen

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    We went down to Bradford-on-Avon today.
    Great-Uncle Dave's name is on there.
    Afterwards we met up with local author & historian Jonathan Falconer for a cuppa and chat.
    We were last there on Remembrance Sunday back in 1998.

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  3. Owen

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    Surprised nobodyelse has joined in this thread , we always used to post our pics.
  4. TriciaF

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    Me too Owen. I've bought the poppy, followed it all on TV etc but thank God we've had no personal loss. So many other wars to remember.
    Hoping that Ron et al are well. November is a difficult time of the year.
  5. bamboo43

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    I'll get some photos back in soon for the Chindits at the Cenotaph. However, some of you may have already seen that we caused a wee bit of a hold up on Sunday, with some of the boys deciding to leave their wheelchairs when marching past the monument. Still a wonderful day with great weather and a special meeting with the Prime Minister in the morning before the off at Whitehall.
  6. bamboo43

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    Here are just a few photos from last Sunday:

    1. Forming up
    2. Passing the Cenotaph
    3. The final few yards
    4. Taking the salute from Prince Andrew at Horseguards

    Perhaps someone with an eagle eye, or Man City connections might recognise Mike Summerbee in photo no. 1. He was buddying Chindit Ian Niven on Sunday, Ian is a former Director at City and both men were whisked away shortly afterwards to meet a car which drove them at speed up to Anfield for the important Premiership match.

    Cenotaph 1.jpg Cenotaph 2.jpg Cenotaph 3.jpg Cenotaph 4.jpg
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    A few randoms from last Thursday at the Field and the Remembrance Service for men who served with Irish Regiments at St Patrick's Chapel and from the London Irish Rifles on Sunday, with D Company, the Regimental Association and the ACF, who marched off to the sound of the Garryowen, the Regimental March that had been heard in Tunis, Rome, Alexandria, Forli and Spittal amongst many places in 1943/44/45...

    IMG_4827.JPG IMG_4780a.jpg
    IMG_4413 (2).JPG


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