Remembering today: 06/06/1944 Marine Robert Casson

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    Remembering today: 6 June 1944:

    Marine Robert Casson, aged 25,
    45 Royal Marine Commando

    CWGC citation:
    Rank: Marine
    Service No: EX/3236
    Date of Death: 06/06/1944
    Age: 25
    Regiment/Service: Royal Marines, No. 45 Commando.
    Grave Reference: IV. B. 2.

    Additional Information:
    Son of David and Mary Ellen Casson, of Whitehaven, Cumberland.

    Also, his brother, died 27 June 1944:

    Private Joseph Casson, aged 18,
    9th Bn., Durham Light Infantry

    CWGC citation:
    Rank: Private
    Service No: 14674155
    Date of Death: 27/06/1944
    Age: 18
    Regiment/Service: Durham Light Infantry, 9th Bn.
    Grave Reference: IV. B. 1.

    Additional Information:
    Son of David and Mary Ellen Casson, of Whitehaven, Cumberland.

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    :poppy: RIP the Casson brothers :poppy:

    I see that they are buried together.

    Regards Michael.
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    good day ritsonvaljos sm,yesterday, today,06/06/1944.marine robert casson.may he rest in peace.regards bernard85 :poppy: :poppy:
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    When the Commission realised Robert and Joseph were brothers I was told they got in touch with their mother (as the next of kin) asking if she wanted them buried in adjacent graves in the same cemetery. Otherwise, I think Robert's final resting place would have been in a different cemetery in Normandy.

    It was one small comfort for the family. Whoever it was from the Commission that identified they were brothers must have been a caring person to take the time to think about the relatives.

    Link to a previous article about Robert and Joseph, with a photograph of their headstones:
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    Pte. Joseph Casson is listed n the Roll Of Honour in the battalion history 'The Gateshead Gurkhas' - A History Of The 9th Battalion The Durham Light Infantry 1859 - 1967 (Moses).

    The 9th Bn Durham Light Infantry, 151st Infantry Brigade, 50th (Northumbrian) Division, landed in the second wave on Gold Beach on D-Day.

    From page 292:

    Joseph was one of two 9DLI men KIA between 26 and 30 June 1944.

    RIP Pte. J Casson and his brother, Marine R Casson.


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    Thanks for the update, Steve.
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    Update about Marine Robert Casson.
    After Robert's family eventually obtained a copy of his service records from the M.O.D. it turned out the War Graves Commission had incorrectly recorded that Robert was with 45 Royal Marine Commando. The truth, as written in Robert's service record, was that Robert was with 46 Royal Marine Commando, attached to 4 Special Service Brigade H.Q.

    Robert was the leading commando on his landing craft going into Juno Beach on D-Day 6 June but was shot in the neck as the ramp came down and killed instantly. The naval officer in charge of the landing craft took his body back to the LSI 'Prince Henry' but this vessel could only take wounded casualties back to Britain not those who had been killed. Robert was buried at sea off Juno Beach but his body eventually washed up on the beach and given a temporary burial near the sea wall at Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer. As I explained in an ealier post, Robert's body was later moved for final burial in the adjacent grave to his younger brother Joseph at Ryes (Bazenville) War Cemetery.

    It was a handwritten record of Robert's 1944 burial that incorrectly recorded him as serving with 45 Royal Marine Commando. But it did not take long for the CWGC to agree that there was an error with Robert's commemoration - less than an hour in fact. His online commemoration certificate was changed immediately and the Commission will also change the record on his headstone. If the '5' can be easily changed to a '6' this is what they will do. otherwise a new headstone will be erected.

    Marine Robert Casson, R.I.P.

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