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    A non-member sent this photo to the forum Admin email account.
    He thought it would be of interest to our members.
    I've had to resize it to upload it but if anyone wants a larger version let me know.

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    Quite a bit of history for the British military camp @ Sarafand al-Amar, back to 1918; the area remains an IDF camp and exists under a new name. See: Sarafand al-Amar - Wikipedia

    I've come across the name before, cannot recall why now. Perhaps as a WW2 listening post or training camp. In 1939 the only signals company was based there. From: Structure of the British Army in 1939 - Wikipedia

    There are a number of threads here for the location, not the Royal Signals though.
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    In 1923, No. 2 Wireless Company was formed from wireless intercept sections originally based in Turkey and Iraq, which became No. 1 and No. 2 Sections, respectively. The company headquarters and No. 1 Section were based at Sarafand al-Amar, north-west of Ramla in Palestine, and No. 2 Section remained in Iraq until 1929. This photo is of the officers and NCO's of No. 2 Wireless Company HQ and the OC & NCOs of No. 1 Section. Most of these NCOs feature in The Wire for 1925, mostly for their results in local cricket matches.
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