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Discussion in 'RASC' started by Eddie Marris, May 17, 2015.

  1. Eddie Marris

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    Hi Guys. HELP.New to this forum as from yesterday, seems a lot of us are haveing problems Dechypering army records. As you can guess recieved my father's war records,They maybe as well be write in mandarin.

    He was with various units in the Rasc from 1942 to 1945/48 when in palestine but can't make head nor tails of these records,have tried searching on websites.
    Records show 389 airborne div, 6 Airborne div, 52nd H.AA battery and the list just keeps on going. I Would appreciate anyone who may have a bit of time and knowledge of the Rasc units to take a look at these records which I have scanned to jpeg files For an answer Or direction.


  2. 4jonboy

    4jonboy Daughter of a 56 Recce

    Hello Eddie and welcome

    Post the records up and we'll have a look :)

  3. Eddie Marris

    Eddie Marris Member

    Many thanks Lesley.

  4. Eddie Marris

    Eddie Marris Member

    Hi Lesley not sure if this is the correct way to send files, but attached is my fathers records.as requested.



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  5. Tom Canning

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    best way to sort this lot out is to get them in date order from when he joined in '42 and follow through remembering that the initial Clerk was not too familiar

    with the Army Language and used normal English whereas the latter clerks used the SOS & TOS meaning Struck off Strength - and Taken on strength of the

    various units - various lists are used such as X(ii (meaning sicklist) "Y" list meaning unemployed - CCS ( Casualty clearing Station - Junior Hospital etc) then you

    can read it like a book - but come back if you are stuckā€¦.

  6. Eddie Marris

    Eddie Marris Member

    Cheers Thanks for your assistance.
  7. 4jonboy

    4jonboy Daughter of a 56 Recce


    It looks like he joined and started his service and training in the Royal Artillery, 360th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery.
    Then 666 (M)=mixed HAA Battery. Training regiments?

    He was transferred to the RASC in July 1944, service still at home.

    RASC 398 Company, 6 Airborne Division Composite in September 1944 in the Field (Europe) until November 1944

    In November 1944 he was transferred to hospital in Salisbury.

    He went to Palestine with 398 Company on 6 October 1945.

    If you require any more information let me know. I think the next step would be to order the war diaries for his short period abroad. These are available at the National Archives in Kew. If you cannot get there yourself, there are a couple of members who can copy them for you at a very reasonable price. Many members have used their services.

    I think the war diaries you are looking for would be 360th HAA Battery for service at home, and RASC 398 Company/6 Airborne Division Composite, September to November 1944 (if I have the dates correct), and 398 Company in Palestine from around October 1945 to February 1946

    I am sure someone will come along and give you the war diary references from the archives or offer to help, or to correct me if I have any of the dates wrong.

  8. Eddie Marris

    Eddie Marris Member

    Many thanks for that Lesley. My father died in 1965 when I was about 12 and at that time new nothing at about his war days. I received his army papers back in 2014. I have tried various sites to try and get some info but just keep hitting them brick walls.Just another quick question,I also no he was awarded the 1953 Queens coronation medal for what I have read people were nominated for this medal how and where would I find this information?

  9. 4jonboy

    4jonboy Daughter of a 56 Recce

    My father received the Coronation Medal too. He joined the 12th (Yorkshire) Battalion Parachute Regiment T.A. in Bradford in 1948 until 1955. According to his records, he attended a Coronation parade during a 15 day visit to Annual Camp.

    According to this website, the medal was awarded to selected individuals throughout Britain and the Commonwealth
  10. Eddie Marris

    Eddie Marris Member

    Many thanks for info I shall did futher.
  11. PsyWar.Org

    PsyWar.Org Archive monkey

    Hi Eddie,

    Here are the National Archives references for the 398 Coy RASC for their time in NW Europe:

    WO 171/2453, 398 Company (1944 Jan.- Dec.)
    WO 171/6268, 398 Company (1945 Jan.-Apr.)


  12. Members of this forum have been very helpful to me, and so have people at
    The Institution of The RASC & RCT rascrctinst@milnet.uk.net and the Imperial War Museum. The War Diaries are fascinating, and I hope you can get the ones that cover your father's service.

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