RASC Companies 1944/45 - supporting which formations?

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    Again, the RASC minor units don't figure in documents I've been able to find so as a first step, can anyone please point me towards the formations under which the following RASC units served (titles as given in the man's docs):

    310 Armoured Brigade Company RASC - entered France 14 July 1944

    704 Company RASC (Armoured Division Transport Company) (from Jan to Aug 1945 still in NWE)

    There are no individual unit diaries as far as I can see. I am quite happy to seek out the higher formation diaries, perhaps CRASC, but need the formations.

    Thanks in anticipation

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    War Diaries of both these RASC companies can be easily found at the National Archives (look up 310 Coy and 704 Coy in Discovery)

    310 Coy WO 171/2434 Jan-Dec 44
    WO 171/6249 Jan-Dec 45
    WO 171/6804 Jan-Mar 46
    This company supported 5 Gds Armd Bde in the Guards Armd Div

    704 Coy WO 171/2514 Mar-Dec 44
    WO 171/6333 Jan-Dec 45
    WO 171/9854 Jan 46
    This company was a Corps Transport Company in 12 Corps in 1944. It later became a Troop Carrying Company in the Guards Armd Div

    Hope this helps

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    It does indeed help - I have no idea why I couldn't hit on them via Discovery which I use all the time - I tried as many variants of title, including the number only and Coy and Company ad nauseam without result but now see what I did wrong was specifying RASC rather than the full Corps title.

    Dunce's cap and not a little embarrassment for me!

    Many thanks indeed, particularly for the additional info re the formations.


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