RAOC Units at Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp

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    Morning Everyone

    I am trying to find out about what RAOC units were at Belsen Concentration Camp at the end of WW2. My Grandfather Charles Vincent Trevatt ended up there (although we don't know how long for) and told very little of his experiences.

    All we know, if this he was in the army and in the RAOC. We are still waiting for his service records to come through, but I am trying to find out where he could have gone.

    I have attached a photo in case anyone is interested.

    Many Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

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    My father was in the RAOC and went into bergen belsen during the liberation. He was listed as a private 635 h.398 raoc. I don't know what those numbers mean.
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    I can't see your photo.
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    check that number again, doesn't look right , there shouldnt be a h in it .
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    Hello Owen. It's 635 H .398. That's how it's written on the document. Do you know what it means? Is it the unit? Thank you.
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    My grandfather (photo left) went to belson, I believe he was an ambulance driver at the time with 227rasc (Mac). I have in my possession three wooden etched coloured panels that were given to him in return for food . It obviousness on the reverse that they were made from food/fruit boxes

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