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    Hi all I have been trying for some time to find out more about my father's time in Burma and have been directed here from another site in the hope of obtaining his war diaries..
    I don't understand the abbreviations on
    the service records which I will attach in the hope someone can help me further as to where he would have travelled and was based during his time alls I know he was in reme
    I appreciate any help may I also ask how do I upload images of service records. Tia
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    Hello. You have started in the correct place by getting his service records. Scan them in as images, making sure each page is less than 2 MB, at the bottom of the box where you type the message you will see a 'Upload a File' button, hit this and you will be able to select the files you want. Good luck.
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    Thanjs I will do that
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    Yes apparently there was a villsge/town in Rangoon and for some reason he chose the name for me...
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    Kevin thank you for the wiki link
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    They are a tribe and have an area of Burma named after them, not just a town ot village, if you start reading any books about WW2 in that area they were Pro British and definitely anti Japanese, being fearsome jungle fighters I know which side I wanted them on

    Perhaps your father fought alongside them ?? - the records may show that - be interesting to see

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    Welcome to the forum Karenn. Hopefully the members will be able to assist you with some of those abbreviations.
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    Thank you for letting me join I am going to post some service records in the hope some kind person will know just what and were my dad did in Burma tia

    Attached Files:

  10. Karenn1957

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    I hope I've attached the service records correctly
  11. Tricky Dicky

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    I feel as though some part of the record is missing, it doesnt describe which unit of the REME he was with between Dec 1944 and Feb 1946, others may be able to expand on that.

    Effectively he was part of the advance in Burma during 1944 and 1945. Previously the Japanese had pushed the Allies back out of Burma in 1942, then during 1943 there was a sort of stalemate and each side reorgaised itself and 'wondered' what to do next. Have a read through this basic Wiki link which provides an otline of the general area where he was - Burma Campaign 1944–45 - Wikipedia - as REME he would be involved mainly in making sure the troops could do their job in the context of crossing rivers, building roads, clearing jungle for landing strips

    Nows the time you need to start searching

    BBC - WW2 People's War - "THE WAR DIARY OF A ROYAL ENGINEER WITH THE FORGOTTEN ARMY" (Part 1: 13 March 1943 to 31 July 1944)
    BBC - WW2 People's War - "THE WAR DIARY OF A ROYAL ENGINEER WITH THE FORGOTTEN ARMY" (Part 2: 1 August 1944 to 1 June 1946)

    Burma Star Association - How Admin Troops Backed up the Fighting Men

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    Thank you so much I will watch it
  13. Karenn1957

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    Is there anywhere else I could try to find the unit he was in pls

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