RAMC terminology - what is a S.T.C.?

Discussion in 'RAMC' started by alberk, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. alberk

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    in a unit history of 3 FDS I read that they set up an S.T.C. in a location in Germany prior to the Rhine crossing in March 1945. I looked up the meaning of the abbreviation STC in military contexts and apparently ist stands for Survey Training Centre. As I am not a native speaker and not that familiar with some finer points of British Military life I woudl like to find out: What is a Survey Training Centre. or does S.T:C; mean something else altogether?
    Thank 3 FDS_S. 3.jpg you for your help!
  2. Robert-w

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    STC is sometimes used for Short Term Care (ie minor injuries, walking wounded etc) which would fit. The Indian Army Medical Corps used it for Supply and Transport Centre which would also fit the RAMC - ie where supplies were brought in and wounded transported out
  3. alberk

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    Thank you Robert-w, those two explanations make much sense than the one I found!


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