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    That's great. I am so happy that I saw this thread and it wasn't too late to add to the information already expertly gathered.
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    Just caught up on this story - great work all concerned! Impressive stuff, well done to you.

    Cheers, Pat
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    Hi Dan,
    Passed on your report ref, crash Halifax HX- 285, to Richard's (dick) daughter and she was thrilled with it.

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    That's great to know. Thank you.
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    There's just one outstanding feature missing now. A photo of the crew together with their aircraft.I very much doubt such a photo exists. Perhaps a relative might have something tucked away, you never know.
    Should I ever come across such a photo (Halifax HX285 and or it's crew together) I will post it here.
    Currently my time is being taken up tracing my grandfather (Worcestershire Regt WW1, and a POW of WW2).

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    Here are some better quality photos of the men. The photos of just one person are Tony, Glen, and Walter. The three men pictured together are (from left to right) Skipper of the plane that crash landed, Tony (giving the "V" sign), and their Wireless Operator. The written message was on the back of the photograph of Walter. 100_8465.JPG 100_8476.JPG 100_8488.JPG 100_8439.JPG 100_8455.JPG 100_8464.JPG 100_8467.JPG
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    Super photos Dan,well done mate.

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  8. A. M. P. Camenzuli was a prisoner at Stalag Luft VII, Bankau. He was with the Malta Air Force in RAF Bomber Command.
    I have a website dedicated to my father-in-law Robert Toomey that includes Allied Airforce Insignia drawings and Camenzuli signed the drawing for the Malta Air Force. See 'Wartime Diary of Robert Toomey/Scrapbook/pow-name-cards"
  10. Hi Dan,
    My father-in-law was with Tony Camenzuli (Malta Airforce) in Stalag Luft VII, Bankau. I have a website honouring my father-in-law and airmen prisoners of war. Camenzuli signed a drawing of the Malta Airforce Insignia that Robert Toomey drew. You can see this drawing with A.M.P. Camenzuli's signature here:
    Wartime Diary of Robert E. Toomey - Name Cards Signed by the Prisoners

    (Wartime Diary of Robert Toomey, RCAF)
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    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: M P Camenzult
    Rank: Flight Sergeant
    Army Number: 1818930
    Regiment: Royal Air Force : Officers & Other Ranks
    Nationality: Maltese
    Section: Royal Air Force : Officers & Other Ranks

    From a family tree on Ancestry:
    Antonio Marco Publo (Tony) Camenzuli
    BIRTH 1926 • Malta
    DEATH 2011 • Kent, England

    There is a long family history on the Ancestry tree - too big to copy onto here

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    I have sent you a 'conversation' - which is the sites messageing system between members


    There seems to be a photo of him in post 106 above
  14. Thanks. Great photo..
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    Very interesting. Thanks for posting this.
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    Tony Camenzuli landed in Kreyel, hamlet of the Bocholt village. I live in the next village, east of Kreyel. Tony twisted his right ankle hitting the ground. Some people he met: Frans Bas ("Franz"). Frans was a carpenter and hid Tony in a small room that he had built above his workshop. Tony hid there until he had recovered. He also met Henri ("Harry") Geunis, butcher in Bocholt and Mrs. Bijvoet (M.D. as far as I know). At that time there was an American called Clerkin who stayed in Bocholt for some time. I can try to provide more information if required but will have to translate that first.
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    I believe "Clerkin" was 0-709469 2nd Lt William J. Clerkin, USAAF, navigator aboard B-17 42-31984 "Berlin Express" of the 407th Bomber Squadron, 92nd Bomb Group. Aircraft lost three engines and went down near Leopoldsburg which is pretty close to Bocholt. Lost on 20 July 1944. Missing Aircrew Report 7408 has the details.


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    Clerkin, incredable story.


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