RAF Aldergrove & RAF Nutts Corner Squadron ORB's

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by Willlindsay1984, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. Willlindsay1984

    Willlindsay1984 New Member

    Hello folks

    I have been after these for a while, would anyone have the squadron orb's for RAF Nutts Corner or RAF Aldergrove please that you would not mind sharing. Or even anyone who could access them in the archives, it can be very costly using the national archives own researchers. For around 6 pages of one orb it cost the best parts of nearly £40 recently, shocking stuff.

    Hope you can help

    Many thanks

  2. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    Will, is it the station ORBs or the Squadrons ORBs that were stationed there? If it helps I have the ORB for 120 Squadron
  3. Willlindsay1984

    Willlindsay1984 New Member

    Hi Peter

    I was looking for the station orbs, but the 120 squadron orb would certainly be useful as i planned to go after those next. We where in touch around ten years ago relating to a Lib of 120 sqdn that crashed just off the Belfast Road, at Nutts Corner, i will try and make enquiries next week and see who owns the land it crashed on, see if i can get a few pics.

    Many thanks

  4. dp_burke

    dp_burke Junior Member

    You can preveiw the Squadron (not the station) ORB now on the UK National Archive Site. Theres a water mark but they are readable by and large. Here is 120 Sqn for example


    Click each month then,

    Click in "Preveiw an image of this record"

    Click button on top of veiwer to make the veiwer full screen.

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