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    I've got a book - R.E. Pocket Book. Although its interesting to look through from time to time, its really a "boys kind of thing". o_O

    Book Details:-

    (Dates From 1936 - 1945)
    Although the book is aged, it comes complete with (*what's belived to be) the Original Green Cover!
    The pamphlets are even still held in with string and comes complete with the inside cover insert!

    All pamphlets include pull out drawings, technical charts and photos where applicable, and are labelled as being issued by The War Office.
    I have tried to enclude as much detail off each pamphlet as I can for listing.

    Pamphlets Included In The Book Are Listed As Follows - From Front To Back:
    • The Royal Engineers Pocket Book - 1936 Notified In Army Orders For November 1936 (26/manuals/1615)

    • Chapter 1 - General Data

    • Chapter IV - Defences, 1936 (26/manuals/1615)
    • Chapter V - Bridging, 1940 (26/manuals/1983)
    • Chapter VI - Demolitions & Mining, 1940 (26/manuals/1983 - Amdt 8, Jan 1941)
    • Pamphlet VII - Roads, 1941 Reprinted with amendments No's 1-9 (26/GS Publications\429 - 7th May 1941)

    • Pamphlet VIII - Accommodation & Installations, 1941 Reprinted with amendments No's 1-9 (26/GS Publications/429 - 7th May 1941)

    • Chapter IX - Electrical Engineering, 1936(26/manuals/1615)

    • Chapter X - Mechanical Engineering 1936 (26/manuals/1615 - includes Amdt. 4, Jan 1940)
    • Pamphlet XI - Railways, 1941 (26/GS Publications/429 - 7th May 1941)

    • Pamphlet XII - Survey 1941
    • Pamphlet XIII - Water Supply 1941 (26/GS Publications/429 - 27th August 1941)

    • Pamphlet XIV - Concrete Work In The Field (26/GS Publications/429 - 27th August 1941)

    • The Royal Engineers Pocket Book, 1936 Amendment No 8 (26/manuals/1983 - 1st Jan 1941)

    Pamphlets Within The Inside Pocket Of Cover:
    • Enemy Equipment Part 1, 1943 (Amendments No 3 - 26/GS Publications/997)

    • Royal Engineers Training Memorandum No 14, 1945 (26/GS Punublications/1365 - March 1945)

    Would anybody be able to advise on where's best to sell the book and for how much? :confused:

    Take care,
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    Looks an interesting book.....You may get a buyer on here :unsure:
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  4. Bodston

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    I spotted a couple for sale at Betring. Both around the £50 mark.
  5. zena77

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    To Drew5233, von Poop and Bodston.....

    many thanks for taking the time to reply to my question!

    You're all stars!


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