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  1. drix

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    hi dont know if anybody can help me identfy these officers and men
    have had a look at the london gazette but cant get any results
    on the officers names

    i think it was taken between the wars

    many thanks

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  2. Bruneval

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    Hi Drix,

    Great photo!
    • There is a JE HUXTABLE RASC who was an A/Capt in Feb 1941.
    • The name C.L. LOGAN L/Sgt potentially ties in with a T/64334 Cpl Cyril Lord LOGAN RASC who was taken POW on 25 Dec 41 in Hong Kong and held in POW Camp: Shamshuipo and Osaka Nagoya 8b. I wonder if this could be the same man?
    • There are two J ELPHICKS in the RASC both Warrant Officers and I can not distinguish between the two.
    It would be great if we could see all the names as some have been cropped too much! What do you think the officers' names are?


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  3. travers1940

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    The officer 2nd from right front row seems to be H. ?M. Bedford ?Lt & is wearing WW1 medal ribbons. No obvious candidates in the WW1 medal rolls with ASC or RASC service.

    Closest in the WW2 Army Lists is a 2nd Lt H A Bedford in the RASC throughout WW2. The London Gazette lists a Captain Herbert Alan Bedford (late Indian Army) appointed as 2nd Lt in the RASC from 27th October 1939.

    A WW1 Medal index card shows T/Lieut Herbert Alan Bedford of 1/5 KORL Rgt, also with 2nd Bn King Own GH 84th Punjabis. In 1919 he is made a Captain in the Indian Army Reserve of Officers. Address in 1922 is 33 Stanley Road, Heaton Moor, Stockport. In 1911 census he is at that address & shows that he was born 1894/5 at Manchester.

    As the OR's are wearing battle dress this dates the photo from 1937 & they all seem to be wearing the pre war/earlier war issue of blouse.
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  4. gmyles

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    Lance Serjeant John Edward Huxtable (168354). Took a commissioned in the RAOC in 1941. Long service to 1967 apparently. Awarded the Emergency Reserve Decoration in 1964. Emergency Reserve Decoration - Wikipedia

    Born 08 May 1903. Address in 1939, 164 Archway Road, Hornsey M.B., Middlesex, England. Occupation - Electrical Fitter.

    Lots of Lance Serjeants, a Machinist Staff Serjeant (MSS) and a Machinist Serjeant Major (MSM) in the pic suggests these might all be artificers (ie specialist tradesmen) maybe in a RAOC workshops.

    RASC Artificers trades include Blacksmiths, Butchers, Carpenters, Joiners, Coach Painters, Coach Trimmers, Coppersmiths, Sheet metal workers, Electricians, Vehicle Mechanics (Fitters) & Turners.

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    JITTER PARTY Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't that be Mechanist Serjeant Major, like Harry Andrews in 'Ice Cold In Alex'?
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  6. travers1940

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    2nd Lieut H A Bedford
    The actual pages of the Army Lists only add that he probably ended the war as a temporary Captain in the RASC.

    Royal Army Service Corps
    Regular Army Emergency Commissions 2nd Lieut
    Bedford H.A, 27.10.39,
    w/s Lieut 27.10.1939,
    a/Capt 27.10.39,
    t/Capt 4.6.1942.

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