Quite likely Software change.

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  1. von Poop

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    Mmmm... Clean fresh install with all the old mergers' traces hopefully ironed out.
    Clean. Fresh.

    Apparently, as you buggers have added so many fine attachments etc. over the years; we hear that techie chap was a little stunned at 3-400 thousand files that all need to be processed into the next setup. It's all proven to take a damned sight longer than expected.
    Throw in that Otto's pooter just got fried by lightning, and my '72hrs' is now somewhat laughable!

    It'll come soon. That's all I'm saying.
    Over budget (techie chap not free, and two servers being paid for to facilitate the move) and later than expected, but it'll come.

    We've had a shufti at a test installation and I'll be surprised if anyone has trouble adapting. Looks good.
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  2. CL1

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    Thank you A
    Look forward to it
  3. Nijmegen

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    No one can say "it came as a surprise".
  4. Otto

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    I'm sure there is some impatience about the move at this point. Be assured there is no one more impatient than I.

    What we are doing is a sight more difficult than either a server move or a software change, each of which is a major task. It is both a move to a new server and a software migration. During planning I knew it would be difficult, which is why I hired a technical expert to do the heavy lifting. Neither of us anticipated the scope involved, the gallery alone is well over 300,000 files.

    As well, the complexity is especially cumbersome. Long term members know the regular transitions this site experienced prior to the current regime. My ownership of WW2Talk represented the seventh sale of the site. The previous series of sales, merges, and migrations were quite frankly conducted in a ham fisted manner, and we still have plenty of detritus that needs to be dealt with. There were several times the technical expert expressed incredulity about how the site was configured.

    Our goal is a clean install on a fresh server with no remnants of the old site/software to be seen. Each step we take forward is into uncertain terrain, so we must ensure we have multiple copies of our work, and be sure we can step backward if need be. These condition make for slow, plodding work, and I won't even get into the details of the heartbreaking loss of my computers due to a thunder & hailstorm.

    The way forward has proven to be much more complex, expensive, hefty, and frustrating than imagined. These slow, measured steps are to ensure the move goes smoothly. I sincerely appreciate the patience and generous support so many have shown, as you've enabled us to undertake this effort and safeguard our research for future historians.
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  5. BrianM59

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    Power to your elbow Otto - thanks for all your work.
  6. I appreciate the difficulties involved and want to express my wholehearted support, but would like also to point out a BIG (in my opinion) problem, which you are probably aware of, and is hopefully only temporary:

    None of the links or favourites to ww2talk threads/posts work any longer, which I think is absolutely catastrophic. Whenever I click on such a link, be it within an old (meaning "before the software change") thread or in my favourites, I get redirected to the index page :unsure:

    Thanks in advance for helping and Bon courage!


    Edit: Just checked the "Xenforo - New Forum Software & Server" thread which address this problem. Apparently ni solution in view, so I'll wait for the final verdict...
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  7. dbf

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    Hi Michel
    Yes, this was already noted early on, as per the other thread running about software change. Internal links on the forum, as well as those on other sites directed to threads here, are affected.
    Have patience please to see if it can be sorted.


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