Quarter Master John Scouller 1849-1923

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    This 1st cousin 3xremoved went on the own the Horse Shoe Bar, Drury Street, Glasgow. He built the bar which was once Britain's longest at 104ft 4" long and Roy Rodgers & Trigger rode on it in 1954.

    I've loads of bits and pieces to add that I've found, but his military history:-

    Started out in the Volunteer Engineer Cadets, Rank - Sergeant.
    1872 Lanark Yeomanry.
    1874 Queen's Own Glasgow & Lower Ward of Lanarkshire Yeomanry. Served 47 years with them becoming Quarter Master.
    1914 Four and a half years in charge of the Yeomanry Depot at Yorkhill. On retiring given honorary rank of Captain with the right to wear uniform. b0c8c7ef-0e30-419f-abe3-19377d5e6ca7.jpg aab72514-da80-44c8-85b9-a07ee08003bf.jpg
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    John's Inventory following his death revealed a lot of War Bonds.

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