Pte. George Herbert Elliott - Berkshires, DLI & East Yorks

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    I'm posting this in the hope that George's family may search the internet for him one day.

    I discovered George in a letter written to my father from a lady from Belgium.

    Using the service nuumber she provided in her letter, I was able to find George mentioned at the 70brigade website, link below

    I had high hopes of being able to trace George's family once I discovered he had a middle name, but to date still no further forward unfortunately. He's not listed on the CWGC website, so assume he made it back home from Europe.

    My Dad did his training with the Berkshires also, and like George, was with the 10th Durham Light Infantry when he arrived in France in '44 until they were decimated. Dad was also with the 5th East Yorks for a time until his transfer to the Hallams in '45.

    I like to think this picture is of George that we found in my Dad's Army paperwork, but cannot verify.

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  2. John L Dixon

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    Do I have your father on the 70th Brigade Memorial Website? Thanks for your acknowledgment of the site in this posting.

    Please contact me at


    John L Dixon
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    Yes John, my father was listed on your site (Perera).

    Good to see you here. Nothing further to add to George's story unfortunately. Even with the 1939 Identification Register I can't trace him, too many with the same name. All the best - Maria
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