Pte Edward Berwick 4 RWK & 2Lt JWMB McGrath 1 R FUSILIERS - 1940

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    I am currently looking at two chaps and trying to understand the context in which they were both killed.

    Pte Berwick died on 26 May 40 whilst serving in 4 RWK in France/Belgium. He is remembered on the Dunkirk Memorial but I have no idea what 4 RWK were doing on 25-27 May 40. 26 May 40 was the start of Op DYNAMO.

    Does anyone out there have the WDs for 4 RWK for the period 25-27 May 40?

    2Lt McGrath died on 9 Dec 40 whilst serving with 1 R FUSILIERS in the Western Desert. He is remembered on the Halfaya Sollum Memorial but I have no idea what 1 R FUSILIERS were doing on 8-10 Dec 40. 9 Dec 40 was the start of Op COMPASS.

    Does anyone out there have the WDs for 1 R FUSILIERS for the period 8-10 Dec 40?


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    Frank, not quite the war diaries of 4 RWK,but has good has. Taken from The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment by H.D. Chaplin. Chapter 7 The Retreat to Dunkirk May 1940 has around about 25 pages. I've only copied pages 142-151. Excuse the colour difference of the pages has they was taken at different times of a day. Page 150 gives some rather grim figures.

    I will photo the relevant pages of ALWAYS A FUSILIER when i get the chance. If needed that is?.


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