Prisoners of War rescued by Slovene Partisans .Detailed Document 1946.

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    I have been shown this today (and I apologise if its linked elsewhere I did search :blush: )

    The link is quite slow so I actually downloaded a copy file because these have a habit of disappearing eventually .

    Compiled in 1946 this gives details of escapers and evaders helped by the Slovene partisans. They kept very good official records ;-
    Name; -
    Rank: -
    Service number:-
    Home address:-
    Place of Capture:-
    Date of Capture;-
    Place of camp:-
    Details of escape and journey:-
    Method of departure home:-

    The list covers all services and most nationalities but the majority are British and American (Americans appear shot down aircrew) it`s an English translation (please allow for the odd variationsfrom the original text) Theres 100 pages full of `raw ` information ,its not a story , its a reference work .
    It`s new to me, hopefully to people here too ?


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    Thank you very much for sharing Kyle, was interesting to note how many New Zealanders are listed.
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    At some point in the future I will follow this up.

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