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    Hello, I have recently recieved an obituary and a copy of two photographs recovered by my sister, from my recently deceased aunts estate, it relates to my second cousin, I was named Roy in memory of him.
    He was PTE ROY MIDDLETON DAVIES aged 24, 4bn Oxford and Bucks light infantry. DOD 23rd January 1943 .The family believe he was a POW in Poland. ROY died of pnemonia in a Germman hospital. He is buried in Berlin war cemetery.(possibly reburied )
    He was from Cwmparc in the Rhonnda valley, south Wales, as I am, I was born in 1944, this is my question- Is this picture likely to be HIS burial, could such a picture been taken and posted to his next of kin, has anyone ever heard of this, or is it a family mix up.I look forward to your comments.
    Now I need to find out where his war started and where he was likely to have been taken POW. If anyone can help with this I would be most gratefull. regards LOFTY. (ROY)

    My uncle was editor of the Abadare Leader, and wrote the obituary

    "In the first flush of his new-found manhood, he was fated to become a prisoner,and endure the pangs of captivity in a land alien to his thoughts and ideals. But he had a rendezvous with death-not on the battlefield, but in an austerehospital ward among strangers.He consorted gaily with the last enemy, as is the way of British Heroes, and was sad only, to think of his loved ones at home.He entered the dark portals of the unknown-alone and unafraid, with the smile of a conqueror.God rest his gallant soul.

    thank you

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    There is a good chance that these photos do show the German funeral of the PoW.

    I have attached some material from another PoW called Marine Bill Balmer. He was taken prisoner at Calais on 26 May 1940. He had a slight leg wound and when he reached his PoW camp at Lamsdorf, Stalah VIII-B, he had to write a note home explaining his circumstances. The Germans translated his post card into German and posted it home to Ballymoney, N Ireland.

    This was in contrast to the letter sent by the Admiralty the previous week stating that he had been injured in the North Atlantic.

    The last two photos show the funeral ceremony of a young Irish PoW who had been murdered by his guard while working on the von Putlitz estate in April 1945. All the funeral regalia was Nazi.

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  3. militarycross

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    Smudger Jr could get you a current day shot of his grave if you wanted, I'm sure. Tom is super about that.

  4. ADM199

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    It is quite possible that the photograph is one of the actual funeral.

    I have see such photos that were taken at Muhlberg with Padre McDowell Conducting the Service,and an old friend,"Micky"Reed who played the Last Post.

    The burials from this camp were moved to Berlin later.

  5. Philip Reinders

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    I can't find his name in the POW book
  6. ADM199

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    You will not find him Philip as the Published Lists were compiled in 1945.

    He died more than two years earlier.
  7. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin

    Smudger Jr could get you a current day shot of his grave if you wanted, I'm sure. Tom is super about that.


    No problems if you require a new photo of the headstone.

    Have you the grave plot and number available? otherwise I will have to look it up in the index or Geoffs search engine.

  8. KevinBattle

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    Tom, it's 11. L. 11.
    Whilst I do hope that it is your relatives funeral, the weather appears very mild for January in middle Europe. Certainly appears to be a genuine PoW burial, but is this the Camp Hospital and burial ground? I'm sure there are experts on the PoW issue who can clarify.
  9. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin

    I have just searched and found the grave plot and number.

    It is Plot 11. L. 11

    I will try and get it for you as soon as possible. Hopefully the wreaths will still be there from our Act of Remembrance Service on the 8th.

  10. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin

    Thanks Kevin, you beat me to it.

  11. Philip Reinders

    Philip Reinders Very Senior Member

    You will not find him Philip as the Published Lists were compiled in 1945.

    He died more than two years earlier.

    But I have seen names of it who were taken POW in 1942, so one was thinking that these records came from Red Cross?
  12. ADM199

    ADM199 Well-Known Member

    Yes Philip the information would originally have come from the Red Cross. The lists contain the names of all who were still prisoners in 1945 regardless of when they were Captured.
    In this case the man had died before the list was compiled so he wasn't a Prisoner any longer.
    He was of course Remembered in CWGC Records at this time.
  13. ADM199

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    There is a similar photograph in TS 26/618 with the Germans firing a Volley over the Grave.
    There appears to be no indication whether it is a photograph of the Burial of Howard or Culshaw although the File concerns their murder.

    P.O.W. are present at the Funeral.
  14. Lofty1

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    Thanks everybody for your input and interest, last night whist doing this thread I ommited his army no. which was 5385361. I also spoke to my sister tonight and she seems to recall my aunt telling her he was captured at Dunkirk along with another second cousin who escaped from the POW camp, then dressed as woman made it home,again to the Rhonnda I know his name but cant spell it, but will try to find out more, I believe this one was reported missing presumed dead, later on my mother saw him in Movietone news in the pictures at the Gaumont Peckham and sceamed the place down' they took her out and replayed the bit for her after the films had finished and then his well being was established by the Red Cross. I will try and find more on him. photo berlin war cemetery my sister is sending one to me, I did not know she had one. Thanks very much anyway regards LOFTY
  15. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin


    I know you have a photograph winging it's way to you, but I have also taken these attached photographs today.

    If you require them, just pm me your email and I will send the full definition shots as these are resized for the forum.

    The wreaths that we laid on the 8th are still looking good considering the poor weather we have been experiencing.


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  16. JulianMHall

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    I volunteer with the Barry At War Museum, and every day post on our Facebook page to honour those who died in wartime from Glamorgan. Roy Middleton Davies will of course be listed on the 23rd January. This thread has answered my quandary as to how he was buried in Berlin but died 23/1/43. A friend suggested that as 4 Ox & Bucks were heavily involved in the defence at Dunkirk perhaps he was captured then. However I don't know why he does not appear on any War Office Casualty Lists; over the last few months as I have posted daily there have been a few POWs and all of them have been on at least one list, variously as Missing, Captured, then Died as POW. It is unusual for him not to appear on any list at all. The first of course would give you the date he went missing and then it's a simple matter of checking what 4 Ox & Bucks were doing that day.

    Kind regards,

    Barry At War Museum

    Find us online at:
    WWW: www.barrywarmuseum.org.uk
    Twitter: @barrywarmuseum
    Facebook: Barry At War Museum / Barry At War History Group.
  17. vitellino

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    According to the CWGC concentration forms he was brought in to the Berlin War Cemetery from Konigswarthe (cemetery of a former Blind Institute, map series 1/100.000, Sheet Q8 Map Reference 594210.

    Here is the concentration form:
    roy middleton davies.JPG
    You can just make out the letters DPW - died prisoner of war. Perhaps there is an admissions register for this former institute somewhere in an archive in Berlin,

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  18. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Germany, Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current
    Name: Private Roy Middleton Davies
    Death Date: 23 Jan 1943
    Cemetery: Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery
    Burial or Cremation Place: Charlottenburg, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Berlin, Germany
    Has Bio?: N

    England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966, 1973-1995
    Name: Roy Middleton Davies
    Death Date: 23 Jan 1943
    Death Place: Glamorgan
    Probate Date: 10 Jul 1943
    Registry: Llandaff


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