Post War Labour units

Discussion in 'Germany' started by bigalni, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. bigalni

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    A friend has some documents belonging to a POW..a Luftwaffe tradesman.
    His papers show that in 1946 he worked for the occupying power in Bredstedt in a unit..DAZL 3.
    He then worked as part of unit FAZ 26 at Westerland.
    Anyone know what these initials stand for and what the units did?

    Alan :D
  2. Malte Znaniecki

    Malte Znaniecki Junior Member

    Hello Alan,

    I am from the region (Husum) and I know the places very well. Is there any chance to have a look on the documents (scans or copies)? Perhaps I could help, but I would need some more detailed informations.


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