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    Was looking at a thread of Owen's and came across this, could find no entry on cwgc, but I wonder what "elsewhere" refers to:-

    The Times
    Friday, May 15, 1942, pg 1

    BARBEAU. - On May 10, 1942, at Savernake, Wiltshire,
    as a result of enemy action elsewhere, AGNES
    JOSEPHINE BARBEAU, widow of Louis Barbeau, late of
    Montreal, Canada, and daughter of the Hon. James
    Dover, St,. John, New Brunswick. (Canadian papers, please copy)

    Owen's thread here http://www.ww2talk.com/forum/great-britain/6731-canadian-airman-crashed-swindon.html
    Wonder if they are related.

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  2. Drew5233

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    Possible suicide after finding husband had died?

    Apart from the one in Owen link there's three others one from WW1, One killed in 1944 and this chap from the same area:
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    But he was killed in 1940.

  3. Paul Reed

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    Hopefully Chris will have a look at this.
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    Thinking on the thorny subject of suicide:

    In the immediate Post War period of 1946 it was not surprising that many troops had to face up to the fact that they were returning home to a lifestyle that would be strange to themselves after many years overseas.

    A fellow soldier, still a young lad, killed himself whilst on guard duty (I will say no more than that in order to shield his relatives and would appreciate it if others on this site also respected his anonymity).

    On tracing his name on the CWGC site I was pleased and relieved to see that there was no mention of the manner of death on his gravestone.

    I wonder how many other young men died in this manner because they could see no future for themselves ?
  5. dbf

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    I should think that in this case, the words as a result of enemy action elsewhere would mean just that. Why else state this so clearly?

    The elsewhere is what intrigues me... if for instance she was injured in transit from Canada, or would this be deemed a cwgc civilian case if she were a Canadian citizen? In other words, did a civilian have to be wounded in UK to qualify for the Roll of Honour, or indeed did they have to be a UK citizen?

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    Hi DBF

    for inclusion on CWGC Civilian Roll of Honour the individual should have died as the result of enemy action ie either directly or of injuries at a later date. Nationality does not apply as it happened in the UK. The clincher in this case will be the death certificate. However checking Ancestry there is no certificate listed for any of the name of Barbeau in May 1942.


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