Police deaths in during the world wars

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    Just browsing the met Police Memorial and found some notable and unusual deaths in service


    SC George John Wiley
    Collapsed and died assisting when an army bi-plane made a forced landing at Thames Ditton.


    D/Sgt Matthew McLoughlin
    Drowned in the sinking of HMS Hampshire near Orkney, while bodyguard to Lord Kitchener.

    D/Ch/Insp Alfred William Ward
    Killed when Scotland Yard was hit by a bomb from a Zeppelin air ship during an enemy air raid.


    PC Edward George Brown Greenoff KPM
    Fatally injured in an explosion while evacuating a burning munitions factory at Silvertown.

    SC Henry Willis Shields King
    Killed by a bomb explosion while reporting for duty during an enemy air raid at Brixton.

    PC Alfred Smith
    Killed during an air raid at Finsbury after ensuring a large number of factory girls took cover.

    also ww2 deaths
    Metropolitan Police Service - History - Book of Remembrance 3
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    A few contemporary press reports for you, Soren.

    Wiley: The Times March 15th 1915. Note the report has him as JA, not GJ.


    McLoughlin: The Times Jun 21st 1916.


    Ward: The Times September 26th 1916.


    Greenoff: The Times February 3rd 1917.


    The Times February 5th 1917


    Greenoff's KPM was posthumous. Two other heroes of that day, Dr Andrea Angel and George Wenbourne, were awarded posthumous Edward Medals.

    King: The Times December 24th 1917.


    Couldn't find anything on Smith, though.
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    River Wear Police

    PC Charles Peter PageDied 21 June 1940, aged 49
    Killed in a motorcycle accident reporting for duty in an air raid.

    Sunderland Borough Police

    SC Thomas S. DaleDied 1 April 1916, aged 57
    Killed by enemy action while on patrol during a Zeppelin air raid

    SC Lancelot Cummings Slawther
    Died 16 May 1943, aged 47

    Killed as a result of enemy action whilst on duty during an air raid
    PWRC Thomas Edward Eves

    Died 24 May 1943, aged 41
    Killed by enemy action whilst on duty during an air raid.

    DC Ernest James Taylor

    Died 30 October 1942, aged 52
    Collapsed escorting a prisoner by train from London and later died in hospital
    South Shields Borough Police

    Killed in enemy air raids, duty status unknown:-

    PC Leslie LambDied 16 February 1941, aged 23

    SC Christopher Watson
    Died 2 October 1941, aged 58

    PC Joseph Sproat Armstrong
    Died 24 May 1943, aged 48
    Killed by a direct hit of a bomb on his ARP post in an enemy air raid.

    Tynemouth Borough Police

    PC Mornington Alfred Clements

    Died 10 April 1941, aged 49
    PWRC George Cuthbert Murray

    Died 10 April 1941, aged 68
    Killed together by enemy action during an air raid
    PWRC John William Hannah

    Died 12 October 1941, aged 67
    Killed by enemy action on duty at the dock gates during an air raid.

    Northumberland CountyConstabulary
    PC Robert Telford

    Died 15 June 1915, aged 22
    Fatally injured on patrol by a bomb dropped from an enemy airship
    PC John Gibson

    Died October 1917, aged 32
    Found drowned in a reservoir where it was his duty to visit once a day.
    PC Roger Liddle

    Died 30 September 1941, aged 23
    Killed off duty in an enemy air raid.

    SC Charles Gilbert
    Died 14 December 1942, aged 41
    Special Constable Gilbert together with SC Hudson were attending a police lecture at Whitley Bay, when an enemy air raid began; they immediately went out on duty and had reached their posts near the police station when both officers were killed outright by the explosion of a bomb which fell nearby.
    Charles was a salesman by trade living with his family in Whitley Bay.
    He was survived by his wife and daughter aged 14 years.
    Police Roll of Honour Trust - Citation for Charles Gilbert 1942

    SC Oliver Hudson
    Died 14 December 1942, aged 55
    Killed by a bomb blast at their post in Whitley Bay during an enemy air raid.
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    Wow, thanks! how does one get access to the times archive?
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    Difficult; I have access using my library card, but would not know how you go about it in Belguim
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    Appeal to find next of kin of Police Constable killed during 1941 air raid

    Northumbria Police seeking next of kin of Police Constable Mornington Alfred Clements

    "A police force has set up an appeal to find the next of kin of a Police Constable who died in an air raid during WWII. Police Constable Mornington Alfred Clements, who died aged 49, and Reserve Constable George C. Murray, aged 68, were killed by bombs dropped by the German Airforce during a raid on the evening of 9 April, 1941, in Tynemouth, north-east England.

    Both officers were buried in Preston Cemetery, North Shields in separate graves. Northumbria Police are asking the public to help spread the word and track down any living relations or individuals who might have information about the whereabouts of Murray's next of kin or family.

    Constable Clements’ wife was awarded a police pension of £1.10p (equivalent) per week, leaving her unable to afford a headstone for her husband. She died seven years later and is buried alongside him. The attack, carried out by German bombers during the Second World War, destroyed shops, houses, timber yards and other premises throughout Newcastle and Tyneside.

    The devastation killed a total of 35 people - including 21 men and 14 women - in one singe night. Neighbourhood PCSO Tim Cousins, the officer spearheading the search from Northumbria Police, said: “While the Police Roll of Honour Trust have identified distant relations for Police Constable Clements and are in touch with them, sadly they have not yet been able to trace the Murray family. “Through extensive research by the Trust they have been able to establish that Constable Murray’s family used to live in Wallsend Road, North Shields"

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    Northumbria Police do not seem aware of the work of their own officers! `Extensive reasearch by the trust` another PCSO in Sunderland used the pair in a `Remembrance` feature in 2018 !

    I`ll drop him an email and see if they still have the notes . :blush::D

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    Email sent. Notes from 2018 forwarded to his colleague Neighbourhood PCSO Tim Cousins . No acknowledgement receieved as yet but confirms the notes do include details of surviving Gt Grandsons .

    Cheers britm :)

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