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  1. I've just read through the links you've provided and I'm genuinely absolutely fascinated - Also a little taken aback too... Thank you so so much for this information - It's so helpful, and it's going to help lead me to more as well now that I know all that! Thank you so much!!!
  2. I've been speaking to my mum about this and she was aware of it but really didn't know much at all - My auntie believes my grandad may have had a copy of it, but they're all a bit unsure. I've just ordered my own copy though, so thank you so so much!!!!! I think my great grandad may have only contributed a few words, but that's still incredible and going to be so great to see - Genuinely looking forward to ready the whole book itself, both in terms of finding out more about this event in WW2 but also knowing it's made up of accounts by people in the exact same position as my great grandad. Thank you again!!!!
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  3. Thank you so much again for the clarification and the extra info - It's SO greatly appreciated!!! I'm not too sure why I'm so fixed on wanting to know everything I can about my great grandad's journey, but it's so incredible knowing where exactly he was, what date, and what exact ship/convoy... It's allowing me to look into more than I ever thought possible, so I really do appreciate all the information you've passed on to me!!!

    In regards to your earlier comment, would I be right to presume that the Japanese probably put the red strike through my great grandads index card after the sinking of the Rakuyo Maru, thinking that he'd have died during that?
  4. Those 2 transcripts are absolutely incredible to read, especially the 2nd one, seriously - I know my mum and that side of the family will find it amazing as well. Thank you so so much for linking those to me!!!!!
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    Yes. Since he had not been recaptured they would have presumed he had drowned. Do you have the back of the index card? If so you will see the Latitude and Longitude for the sinking of the Rakuyo Maru.

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  6. I figured that would be the reason - Thank you again for confirming that!! And I do yes! Looking at it again now I can see the numbers on it - Didn't realise that's what they would be though! I'm currently studying Korean at university and I'm hoping that I can MAYBE get one of the Japanese teachers to translate the Japanese on it for me - Will have to see if they'd have time and be willing to do that.

    I'm going to contact the Thai-Burma Railway Centre like you mentioned in a previous reply as well - No idea if anything will come of it, but hopefully they have some information too or can point to other contacts. I know I keep saying it, but thank you again - My mum and dad are amazed by the information we're now getting, especially seeing as it's coming from people who are going out of there way to pass it onto me and point me to the right places... We appreciate it a lot!!! GBM_POW-GALLIP_1-1-2048_01538.jpg GBM_POW-GALLIP_1-1-2048_01537.jpg
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    I'm sure the TBRC will come up trumps, they hold some amazing info.
    Couple of other points. You've probably worked out that the dates are in the Japanese Showa calendar system where 17 = 1942, 18 = 1943 etc. Also the cards are written in Katakana rather than modern Japanese writing and most present day Japanese may find difficulty translating correctly.


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