Places to visit in the south/southeast?

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    Hi all,

    I am plotting (muhaha) a short solo vacation to the UK in the early off season next year. There is far too much to see and do, and I am not an experienced traveller, so I am thinking of restricting myself to a week or week and a half (so that I don't have to plan as much).

    I was thinking about going to the Tank Museum again (to do research this time) although it may just make more sense to keep sending them money to make copies of documents. Also after a couple of messages' exchange with someone at the Sharpshooters' Museum at Hever Castle I am thinking of going there too.

    So that made me think of an itinerary involving Dorchester, Portsmouth, and a place or two further east. Any recommendations on the best places to visit to see any things WW2? I guess the Museum of Army Flying is out as it will still be under construction.

    Although not WW2, it seems like it might be interesting to go to Hastings, but I imagine it would be rather damp in February-March.

  2. idler

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    Winchester has a clutch of regimental/corps museums around the old barracks plus the Royal Hampshire's nearby but not well signposted. The latter is very traditional.
    The Keep in Dorchester (Devons/Dorsets) is well worth a visit.
    There's the new REME museum at ex-RAF Lyneham but not been there myself. There's a risk it's been degraded from it's previous 'Museum of Army Technology' status when it used to push its archives.
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  3. hutt

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    Hope you enjoy your trip. Hastings particularly the old town and the area around the east and west hills are very attractive. There are two cliff railways and the West hill runs all year. Passed through a tunnel and rather interesting. The fishing sheds, lifeboat and recently restored pier are also worth a visit. The trip by train from London once South of Tunbridge is very pretty and wooded. If you are going for 1066 history you would be better visiting Battle itself about 15 miles inland deep in the weald.

    Also strongly reccomend Dover.
  4. Seroster

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    Thanks for the recommendations and corrections! Idler, I've now been to the Keep and a couple of the Winchester museums - I should have said, sorry. The Royal Hampshires Museum had an interesting side note for me.

    I understand from another forum that Dover Castle not only has the tunnels used during the war (and previously) but other WW2 items within the castle?
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    If you head just a little further north-east from Winchester to Rushmoor there's the Aldershot Military Museum, The Museum of Military Medicine, Royal Army Physical Training Corps Museum and the Farnborough Air Sciences Museum all within a few miles of each other. All small places but worth a visit if you have time and are in the area, especially if you're hiring a car.

    If you go as far as London my nan will stuff you with sausage rolls and tell you about the Blitz (may only apply to me, check latest admission prices before travelling).
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    Didnt know she was into Taxidermy o_O:-P

    TD - my real name is Tatiana Desperado
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    Do London

    RAF Hendon is a must
    Imperial War Museum is ok
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