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    I have recently joined this forum. My main interest is military Pipes & Drums worldwide and their Pipe Majors. I am compiling a list of Pipe Majors and have at the moment details of just over 2500 P/Ms. But the list is far from complete.
    Are there others on this forum with an interest in Pipes & Drums?
    Aad Boode
    Livingston, West Lothian
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    I was a not-very-good drummer in a local Pipe Band for a few years. I like a good tune but don't miss the politics!
  3. royalscot 2012

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    My Uncle Robert was a pipe major in the 1st Battalion Royal Scots
    Joined 1946 - 1968
    He was also The Lone Piper at Edinburgh Castle during the tattoo
  4. 51highland

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    Cameron Highlanders pipe Majors;
    1st Battalion: D. Wright 1931-1933, J.B. Maclean 1934-1939, N. Scott 1939-1943, D. Allan 1943-1944. E. M'Rae 1944-1945, J. Robertson 1946-47. E. M'Rae 1948.
    2nd Battalion: L.C. Haggerty 1935-1937, A. Chisholm 1937-1940, J.K. Neill 1940-1942, D. MacRae 1942-1946, S. G. Macnaughton 1946-1948
    4th Battalion (T.A.): J. Wilson 1939-1940, D. Macdonald 1940., D. MacRae 1940-1942.
    4/5th Battalion (T.A.) J.K. Neill 1947.
    Depot; J. Johnson, D.C.M., M.M., 1933-1937, L.C. Haggerty 1937-1939, A. Campbell M.M., 1946-1947. E. McRae 1947-1948.
    Campbell was awarded his MM for gallantry at Alamein 23rd/24th October 1942, The Bearded Piper.
    D. Macdonald was captured at St Valery when 51st HD surrendered in June 1940.
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