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  1. Shin Gebis

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    Hi all, I know it`s a long shot. I`m trying to gain information on Sergeant Alfred Madill of the Pioneer corps.
    He served in WW2. So far this is all the information I have. I would appreciate any help it`s for his grandson.
  2. Shin Gebis

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    Just found out he was from Stainforth near Doncaster.
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    You absolutely need his army personnel record.
    Only start here:-
    plenty of other sites seem to offer things but you pay them. Here you get from MOD records his actual papers, may have to pay £30. WW2 records generally are there.

    Then try this but you pay.
    I have used both. The archive is strangely put together but holds a great deal of information as one dedicated former officer pulled hundreds of files out at Kew and abstracted them. You may be lucky enough to find your relative mentioned but don't build up your hopes.

    Total cost to me for both avenues was £60, for what I had to do
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