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    I've recently had access to a relation's WWII Flying log books, which start with his training on Tiger Moths in Sept '41 when he would have been 18. He appears to have completed 'link training' (what was this?) at the end of October before moving on to Harvards, running through to January '42. This was followed by further training on Harvards, Masters, Tomahawks, and Mustangs, completing in August (part of this time being spent in Ontario, Canada), effectively a year after joining - was this period of time usual (he is credited in the book stamps as 'average/above average')?
    After transferring to 16 Sqdn in Feb '43, where he seems to initially be allocated Mustang AG606, the log book has very little detail despite dates being consecutive,these sometimes being flights between different aerodromes each day (e.g. Western Zoyland to Andover), or comments such as 'air test', 'cine gun ranging', or, 'air to air firing' this latter note being followed by a percentage such as 0.75%, and a time of 0.3hrs (30 mins I assume?). Was this enemy action, and why fly between different aerodromes?
    Training seems to recommence again in July'43 on Tiger Moths and Proctors, plus 'experience on Spitfire'. Book is then blank until late Dec-Feb, with further Tiger Moth, Proctor, and Auster flying, ceasing in Mar '43. Comments anyone?

    Can someone advise the interpretation of the duty defined as 'TAC/R'.
    Thanks in advance.
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    A couple of quick responses -

    TAC/R in this context normally means Tactical Reconnaissance

    The link trainer was a small aircraft flight simulator - it was quite advanced for its time.

    I will try to provide a link but I don't know how it will go as I am on a mobile connection - but try the ADF serials site under series 2 / A13 for some info on the use of link trainers by the RAAF
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    Hi Haara,

    After reading your post I phoned a friend of mine who learned to fly, over in America during WW2. He flew the Stearman (biplane) before moving onto Havards.
    He told me "link Training" was a simulator, you would enter a cabin/simulator, where you could practice with all the controls as if being in a real aircraft.
    Sorry can't help with the other abbreviations

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    Looks like Dave B posted as I was typing.

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    Hi TD,
    Dot's all the i's and crosses all the t's.

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    Thanks guys, much appreciated!!!

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