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    There is a wholle chapter in Richard Hillarys - The Last enemy entitled Peter Pease, a fellow pilot who was shot down and killed at roughly the same time that Hillary was badly burned. I'm currently reading coming in to Land by Bill Malins DFC, and he mentions a fighter pilot called Peter Peace who was reluctantly seconded to his Lysander unit during the Battle of France. Anybody know if this is the same man? I'd like to know as I have a picture of Peter Pease along with a fuse from the Spitfire he was shot down in (which was near where I live). Malins book mentions Peter Peace playing strip poker with three French women on his 21st birthday, which is a different side to the way he's described in Hillarys book if it's the same man. Would be nice to get a fuller image of the person.

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    Two different people.

    Arthur Peter Pease, 603sqdn, kia 15th Sept 40.

    Peter McLeod Peace, 4sqdn, killed 21/5/40.
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    Thankyou for the quick response!
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    Are we talking about the same Peter Pease, who was killed in action during 1940 while performing a near suicidal headon attack of a group of German bombers, firing non stop while being chased by a Bf-109 that in turn was also firing on Pease's a/c, but he chose to ignore this, nor break away/take evasive action. After careering through the German formation, Pease's Spitfire caught fire, turned over into a diving spin and crashed into the sea (Channel coast) Imo, the ultimate act of bravery. But maybe im mistaken.....
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    Peter Pease. On September 15, 1940, aged just 22, Flying Officer Arthur Peter Pease died in what became known as the Battle of Britain and with full military honours was buried 12 days later in the family plot in Middleton Tyas churchyard, near Richmond.
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