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Discussion in 'General' started by slipper, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. slipper

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    Hi all

    I have just come back from a trip to the Ardennes and want to increase my understanding of the Battle there in 1944, i already have quite a few books including 'After the Battle' and 'through the Lens'. I am looking for some maps that show the area roughly as it was in 1944, so that I can follow individual battles and movements better.

    Can anyone recommend any please?

    i have searched the site, but most of the links recommended appear to be dead now.

    many thanks

  2. Richard Lewis

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    Hello Slipper,

    For links to WW2 period maps have a look at Resources: Topographic Maps.

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  3. slipper

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    Thanks Richard, missed that somehow :blush:, will take a look. Cheers

  4. Richard Lewis

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    Forgot to say welcome to the forum.
  5. stolpi

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    Welcome.... have a look at Hugh M. Cole "The Ardennes: The Battle of the Bulge" .

    A good primer is Charles B. Mac Donald: "A time for Trumpets, the untold story of the Battle of the Bulge"
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  6. slipper

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    Thanks both, very much appreciated
  7. stolpi

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  8. slipper

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    Thanks Stolpi
  9. slipper

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    Just had chance to download some of these and they are very good so thanks both for your help. However i have noticed that several of the maps covering the eastern part of Belgium such as Houffalize (107), St Hubert (106), Arlon (137), Wiltz (122), Givet (104) are missing and that part of Belgium is not covered at all, see here

    Belgium - Second World War military mapping - National Library of Scotland

    Any ideas how to fill these gaps please?


  10. Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis Member

    There are the Belgium & NE France 1:100,000 GSGS 4336 maps which cover part of the missing 1:50,000 maps. They do not go as far east, but this area is covered by Europe, Central 1:100,000 GSGS 4416.

    I can’t see any smaller scale maps on line which cover the missing areas.

  11. slipper

    slipper Member

    Yes thanks, Richard I saw these also, ideally I was looking for the smallest scale possible, and for them to cover the whole area, but thanks for posting


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